Dr Brown's  by Handicraft Natural Flow BPA free Baby Bottles

Dr Brown's by Handicraft Natural Flow BPA free Baby Bottles

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Great for tongue tie! These worked great for my baby who we didn't know at the time had a tongue tie. The flow is nice and slow so he was able to drink without any spilling out.

Amazing I love this bottle. I used this bottle every time I have my kids and they love it I love it.

The one and only bottles to use. I have used these bottles for all three of my kids. When switching to another type of bottle in a pinch, I really noticed a huge difference. These are the only bottles I will use. I recommend them to everyone I know who has or will have a baby. They really helped my two out of three colicky babies. My third has never been colicky thankfully, but I still use them.

Great bottle's I love these bottle's. I used them with all four of my kids. Babies don't get so much gas from their milk because of this bottle!

Best Bottles The only bottles my son would use when he was an infant. He rarely got an upset stomach because they help prevent gas bubbles for little tummies.

game changer love these to help a baby have less colic and gas!

The best I used these bottles for my son, and now I buy them for my grandkids and they do not disappoint. My grandson gets really bad gas, and these help a lot. Just make sure to clean them really well when you wash them

Great bottles ! Dr. Brown's were the only bottles I used for my 3 kids. They are durable, helpful, and easy for babies to drink. I never had an issue using them. My kids loved them too !

Only bottles I recommend to anyone !! Cleaning them is difficult if you lose the brush

I used these for my breastfed baby when I had to go back to work and he transitioned very easily to the bottle. My son had no problem going back and forth from these bottles to breastfeeding when I was home. I just gave one of these to my friend whose newborn was having difficulty taking a bottle and she took these bottles right away. I would recommend to anyone who wants to continue breastfeeding but also has to give a bottle sometimes.

They are a bit expensive but well worth the money. When my daughter was first born, she had trouble feeding, and had problems with spitting up and gas. We switched to Dr. Brown's PROBLEM SOLVED. A complaint I've heard over and over is that they are difficult to clean. They take maybe an extra five minutes to clean all the equipment. They give you a special brush to make it simple. Do be sure to use the insert with the bottle though or else the bottle will leak.

These bottles are a little expensive but are the best bottles for colics.

Best Bottle! These are the best bottles on the market. It keeps the bubbles out so you don't have to worry about reflux. Also controls how fast the formula comes out so your child doesnt choke,

I used these for my firstborn son who had a lot of spit-up and gas from another brand of bottles I was using. He also had colic and the Dr. Brown bottles were a huge improvement compared to the other ones. I love these bottles so much that I always recommend these to family and friends. My second son is now using them and I still love them as much as the first time.

Best bottles ever!! We used these exclusively for my first born and she had no issues with colic or gas. She enjoyed her milk and never did we have a problem. Found an easy way to clean them and store them. They are great! Gave them as gift to another mother that is expecting as well.