Bertolli Vodka Sauce

Bertolli Vodka Sauce

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It was ok - Im polish and it needed a lot more vodka - because whatever it had in it - didnt taste anything like it was supposed to.

I like to use vodka sauce when I'm making chicken Parmesan... I love how its not your typical tomato sauce, it really changes the way the meal tastes and it feels like its something new. I was originally introduced to Vodka sauce by my brother who enjoys experimenting in the kitchen as well and we both really enjoy this sauce.

Vodka sauce should have a "bite" to it. This one doesn't. I love some of their other sauces though.

We enjoyed this Vodka Sauce. Reminded me of Pulia (NYC). Will definitely be purchasing this again. So nice to have something that is neither a red sauce nor a white sauce!

i like the white sauce better

I bought this when it was on sale. I've had delicious vodka sauces before, but this stuff made me gag. I actually threw out the rest of it, AND the pasta I'd put it over.

Really love to add this sauce to another jar of regular - the result is a creamy, tangy sauce - add sauted garlic and pour over penne with tons of provolone cheese - *mmmm* perfecto!

I like bertolli but do not like this sauce at all..maybe also not a fan of vodka sauce..

I do enjoy Bertolli's Vodka Sauce, it's richer than most other vodka sauces and I'm really particular to Bertolli's for some reason. Definitely yummy.

i love anything by bertolli. so far all of the sauces and meals i have tried have been very tasty.

This sauce has the perfect blend of ingredients! I can tell they took their time when they came up with the recpie! It is soooo yummy! My mom has told some of the people she works with about it, they all have raved about it! To me it tastes like a premium version of a tangy, creamy spaghetti-O sauce... If that makes any sense?