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  • rileypark By  rileypark    

    Out of all the double strollers I could find, I liked the Phil & Teds the best. It's not as wide as a side by side, not as long as a tandem, andsuper easy to steer! I didn't have any problems with the tires. It can be a bit bulky to fold and lug into the car, but so are other double strollers. While it could be better, I still feel it's the best double stroller available.

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  • Misscourtj By  Misscourtj    

    I bought the Phil and Ted's double Vibe stroller because I didn't want a double stroller that was wide. The Phil and Ted's double is a tandem, front/back double. the idea is great and it's not a bad stroller, but here are my issues with it: 1) It's hard to steer. This stroller is definitely not a one-handed pusher. It takes both hands and a good amount of steering power to maneuver this guy. For marketing itself as an "all terrain" stroller, it has problems going on anything but pavement. It's just too "delicate" seeming. 2) They seem to have some flaw in their tires. Several of my friends also have various versions of the Phil and Ted's double and at least one of them always has a flat tire. Always. 3) The folding down of the stroller is cumbersome and bulky. I've thrown my back out doing it, so now I've taken to just heaving it up into the back of my SUV. 4)The front wheel has a habit of wobbling badly if I go from a walk to a jog. That's annoying. If there were another similar option out there, I'd explore it. I used to have a Bob and I LOVED it. I wish the BoB had a double version like the Phil and Ted's doubles because I would buy it in a heartbeat.

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