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  • steltows By  steltows    

    My niece loves everything Dora. It was a perfect birthday gift.

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  • trippingtiffies By  trippingtiffies    

    Perfect for the little one obsessed with Dora!

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  • prettygal By  prettygal    

    kids just love Dora, dont they? and a Dora desk might just be the perfect gift for them! make your kids happy

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  • TwistedMommy By  TwistedMommy    

    My 2.7yr old daughter has had this same chair but different Dora design since August 2013 and it is still in awesome condition! She eats, colors, plays, and watches tv using this chair every day! She totally loves it! Its sturdy and she can sit at it with about 2 or 3 of her stuffed dolls very comfortably.

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  • gulrukh By  gulrukh    

    Just wow!

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  • 87rbbjef By  87rbbjef    

    Excellent pinky desk!!

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  • Sanaar By  Sanaar    

    my baby girl like it

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  • LaReina By  LaReina    

    My grandaughters love this.

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  • ccummins10 By  ccummins10    

    My daughter loves using her desk to color and paint at! She is always playing with it in her room!

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  • jannettesosa By  jannettesosa    

    I got this Dora Chair desk for my 2 year old last x-mas and she really likes it. she draws on it, plays tea set, also she eats her lunch on it. I also like the little storage on the bottom for her coloring books and reading books.

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  • lucasj By  lucasj    

    This is great my daughter loves it.

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  • stove003 By  stove003    

    This is a great little chair! My god-daughter absolutely loves it! It is great for her to watch TV, have a snack or complete a craft at. As a parent, I dislike the bulkiness of the chair and that it isn't able to fold to store.

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  • bbeleazahr1 By  bbeleazahr1    

    very cute, my daughter loves it!

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  • juljakakaka By  juljakakaka    

    Wooow, my sister like it!

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  • hipmommychick By  hipmommychick    

    Our Dora desk has been used for the last 7 years and is still something my girls use everyday. From homework to arts and crafts it's our go to. They often fight about who will use it next since we only have one.

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