CBS Big Bang Theory

CBS Big Bang Theory

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This is an awesome show. Very funny and I always look forward to watching it. I love Sheldon Cooper! I also love that his mom is played by Laurie Metcalf!

This is one of my favorite shows. My husband and I watch this religiously And crack up laughing all the time.

I love BBT! I grew up around a lot of geeky people. I love that the writers slip in some intellectual jokes. Intelligent banter is lacking on most sit coms! The actors do a great job and make you really believe that they are the characters they play. Sheldon is so funny!

The show that reminds you that smart, nerdy types are seriously awesome. Every part of this show is just hysterical. Intelligent, funny, well acted and directed. You may even learn something from physics to how to score the girl next door.

Quirky, clever, and a little risqué. I love it, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend it as a "wholesome family show." The dynamic between the cast is great, and their relationships and personalities continue to grow over time. Sometimes uncomfortable, but always hilarious!

When I saw my first BBT a year or so ago I did NOT like it at all. It was silly and immature. Hmmm, but I suddenly found myself going back to it again and again. Then I found myself ordering episodes onDEMAND to catch up. Now me and my husband set the reminder on the TV so we don't miss an episode. When it airs EVERY NIGHT, many times over on 2 different channels...we watch. We have only been watching it now for a little over a year and already have seen EVERY episode of all 7 or 8 (?) seasons...many times over. We LOVE IT!

This show has an amazing cast that definitely feeds off one another when on screen, making this a flawlessly funny sitcom. Although most would not even think twice to check it out, all the scientific jargon and formulas are 100 percent correct. The writer did a superb job at keeping his research accurate and implementing it into a humorous situation. The way I see this show is like blues clues for adults at the scene that we are enjoying the show so much that we don't even know that we are learning. I like how the cast is so diverse yet so similar. Yet another moral for us adults. I recommend this show to everyone who enjoys both simple and complex humor. So check it out, you can thank me later.

This is one of my all time favourite sitcoms!

I'm not that big into tv shows such as the Big Bang theory, but after watching one episode I really enjoyed the show. I like the funny and witty cast. I think the beauty and the brains mix is a perfect balance from prevent the show from being boring. It's not my favorite show but I also don't hate it.

Best show ever if you want to laugh out loud. They are such a great cast. My whole family watches it together and love it. We even use quotes from the show on our daily life to add some humour.

LOVE this show!

I am sorry but I find this show offensive. It has all of the pre-conceived ideas of "nerds" (glasses, clothing, socially ill, shy...) and I don't consider myself one of them but I have many friends who are and they are also very offended. I don't think making them cute or funny makes the jokes and the show fun or even interesting. I am not learning anything different and the show is just a big joke to everyone but them. I am surprised that there are so many viewers: it is not helping anybody and just perpetuates bad jokes and encourages kids to continue to bully the nerds because they now think they "know" how they think and how they get hurt or how they think. I wish I could give no stars but when I submit it would not let me put none. I know there are not much good comedy out there that is not cheap laughs, dysfunctional families or plain stupid but try The middle and see the difference: real family situations where the whole family gets involved and grows together. They fall, they are not perfect but they love each other and find real solutions. It is very refreshing and clean fun, family-friendly.

One of my absolute favorite shows of all time! I didn't start watching this show until in it's later seasons, but now own them all on DVD and it's a regular player in my daily line up. Sheldon has got to be one of the most interesting characters I've ever seen, and the rest of the gang is so enjoyable to watch. Even my husband, who is not generally a sitcom watcher, really loves this show! I HIGHLY recommend it!

It's my favorite show... hence my user name ((if your a fan you know what I'm talking about)) and I'm hard to please when it comes to all these new shows coming on but this one is a must see if you haven't! BaZINga!!

This is by far my favorite show on tv.