ABC Castle

ABC Castle

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LOVE LOVE LOVE this show!!! Funny! Great story line! Pray that it stays! WATCH THIS!

Seen a couple episodes. We don't watch it regularly but what we have seen is interesting.

This is absolutely our most favorite show. It is very entertaining. It has humour and supence and mystery all in one hour. We just love it. Everyone I know loves this show also.

This is one of the best programs. Love how Castle and Beckett are together, hope they end up together. Hope they don't cancel.

The show I'm most looking forward to returning this fall! It's the perfect mix of sexy, mystery and humor! Love the witty conversations between Castle and Beckett.

Good show.

I love Castle, it is such a great, well written show!. The characters are well thought out. I make it a point not to miss this show!

LOVE this show. One of the few shows I can get my husband to watch with me!

Finally a show with a little intrigue instead of steamy sex at every turn. It also shows a very good parent/child relationship.

love this show!

Strong characters, great writing, bibliowit, and absolutely HILARIOUS. A different take on the same key elements of Bones, with more prevelant humor, more visible attraction, but the same great relationships.

I LOVE this shoe and don't want it to get cancled...please watch you will love it!!

Normally I hate shows like Csi and Ncis, but this show is soo funny . I love the relationship between Beckett and Castle . All I can say is my friend and I have something new to watch during the week.

I love this show, It's one of the best things on TV. The characters are well rounded and the writing is 'tight'. Beckett and Castle have great chemistry and the relationships between Castle and his family, though a little too perfect, are fun to watch. It's a great show all around.

This is a great show. It has mystery and humor. My husband and I watch it every week.