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Huggies Diapers

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I love huggies diapers, they rarely leak and can hold a lot more than other brands. We don't go through huggies nearly as fast as the other diapers we have tried. Well worth the price.

These are my favorite diapers! I swear by Huggies! I have still yet to have a leak using them and my son is now 13 months old. Other people always recommended Pampers to me, but I just wasn't impressed. My hospital gave me Huggies and I fell in love immediately. They are a better price than Pampers and are higher quality...a win-win for me!

My favorite brand:) i think pampers are softer but my baby would leak at night thats why i changed to huggies :) they are awsome

Before my son was born I was told by another mother that Huggies diapers were the way to go. I used Luvs for the first 6 months but after that. He started leaking through. So I bought some Huggies from WalMart 98 pack for $25. Kinda expensive for my budget but well worth it!!! And I have a lot less laundry to do now Bc no leaks!

Love using these on my kids. They seemed to fit them the best and hold a lot more pee and kept the poop in better than any other diaper. My go to choice for sure!

These are the best fitting diapers for my daughter, and she never has a pee-leak, with only very occassional 'blow-outs' which are bound to happen with any diaper and any kid. My only complaint is that I wish the smaller sizes had the 'wetness indicatior' on all of them. My daughter will cry and scream if she's even a tiny bit wet. Like looking at or patting the diaper you can't even really tell until you open the diaper up to change it. Overall though we love huggies!

huggies are our preferred diaper but the night time ones DO NOT last 12 hours at all they leak all the time...

I loved the diapers when I got them for my girls, but they are a little, well, overpriced.. The huggies rewards program is nice and if you have a Sam's Club where you can buy them in bulk than it's an awesome deal!

I use huggies for my three month old daughter and she has never had a leak, and they're great for overnight. I would definitely recommend huggies to any parent.

Loved this for my second he didn't rash at all!

I love how these diapers are leak free for my daughter and how absorbent they are. I also like how they fit her just right around her legs these are the only diapers I buy for her.

Loves the Huggies brand of diapers. They do exactly what they are supposed to, and come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit your own personal circumstances. I think that Huggies is one of the leading brands when it comes to diapers, right up there with Pampers.

Huggies next to Pampers are the best ever out there. I will not use anything else if its not Huggies or Pampers for my babies. Great quality brand and never expensive. :)

Huggies is my favorite brand of disposable, not just because of the fit, but also because of the quality of materials. When you take them out of the box, you can really feel that they are well-made from the thickness and the softness of the actual diaper. My kids rarely have leaks when they use these, and if they do, it's usually because I forgot to pull the legs out properly or left the back of the diaper curled down in my rush.

I use huggies for my 6 month old daughter has never had a leak with this brand