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  • kerilynn25 By  kerilynn25    

    My son used these when he was a baby and I liked them he wouldn't use any other bottle

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  • KimberleeGoodson By  KimberleeGoodson    

    I really liked these bottles. My son was very colicky and these helped.

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  • Emilyfuhr By  Emilyfuhr    

    These helped my daughter finish her bottles faster because the air vented out the bottom. They did seem to help with gas too. However we prefered the MAM bottles (same vent concept), they were easier to clean and we liked the unique nipple shape, it seemed to help.

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  • Softlyspoken By  Softlyspoken    

    I was given these bottles at my baby shower. I was not a big fan of them. My daughter always seemed gassy and they leaked all the time!

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    While the concept of these bottles are great, I can say from experience that they aren't very great. It seems cleaning them can be a challenge sometimes as residue can be left in certain spots of the bottle.

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  • toni1017 By  toni1017    

    my friend loves this item. she wont stop talking about it to her friends

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  • Speakjenni77 By  Speakjenni77    

    I used several different bottles with my babe and this one was close to the best. I would recommend it for sure!

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  • wtymreviews By  wtymreviews    

    I used these for my first child and didnt see much of a difference as far a colic goes. So I had to buy and try another brand.

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  • Mistysheri By  Mistysheri    

    To be completely honest,I hate these bottles. They leak everywhere,they're a pain to put together & after my son used them he would not burp (i tried everything) & ended up whaling for about an hour or so afterward.

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  • dreapress By  dreapress    

    My son had terrible acid reflux and intestinal issues. When we switched to Playtex VentAire Bottles, it helped so much with his issues. He wasn't as gassy and fussy as he was before we switched.

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  • Mariasmommy2012 By  Mariasmommy2012    

    I like Playtex but these ones are not the best ones. If it's not tight enough or on there just right it leaks. Have not recommend to anyone

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  • Lynnvillamor By  Lynnvillamor    

    My son used these bottles till he turned a year old. So far the best bottles I have used. Gave him less gas and air.

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  • MissCastillo6 By  MissCastillo6    

    These bottles were just OK for my son. I did however like the shape of the bottle but it was also very difficult to clean, even with those special bottle cleaners. Especially when you don't have a dishwasher.

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  • LKallio By  LKallio    

    I used this brand and style of bottles with both my girls, it was wonderful considering they had really bad gas due to being colicky.

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  • ARiggs By  ARiggs    

    Great for colicky or gassy babies! helps vent out the excess air.

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