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Perfect casual shoes. If possible, try the kids sizes some time Toms shoes are the perfect casual shoe for my needs. The price point can get a little ridiculous so many times I opt for the children's sizes at half the price. The children's version also has a thicker, firmer sole that lasts longer. Although it would be nice, it doesn't bother me they are made in China. It is the company's prerogative and my choice as a purchaser. Some times we like to believe a story more than facts. The people who actually need shoes probably aren't being helped with this program, but that's not why I buy shoes.

One for One Love I have a few pairs of TOMS. They fit pretty true to size with out stretching too much. They do stretch some but only to the point where sliding your foot in and out is comfortable. Very durable. I have thrown mine into the washing machine and let air dry with the forms inside. I have wide feet and TOMS fit just right. They are surprisingly comfortable. I usual where a pair when I go to amusement parks or theme parks.

Obsessed! Love these shoes!! Love the different color and designs, plus they are so comfortable!!

Love TOMS!! I bought the grey ones first and just loved them! Soooo comfortable!! and they go with pretty much everything!! easy for running simple errands around town. I then got the burlap Toms!! I just love them!

Doing GOOD I enjoy Toms shoes immensely. I own several pair, and bought some for my mom and boyfriend, who both love them as well. The shoes, whether they're the originals, boots, flip flops, or wedges, and I have them all, are crazy comfy and well vented. I can wear any [ok maybe not the boots] in the summer with no socks or anything and feel completely fine. The sizing is good as well, the originals will stretch a little when wearing them, so get your actual size. The boots are literally the most comfortable things I own, and are so warm and comfy. My favorite thing about any and all of my Toms, however, is the fact that with every purchase I make I am helping someone. It doesn't get much better than that for me.

Bobs I have a pair of the and I love love love them !!!They are light and oh so comfortable!!

Everyone seems to love these shoes but me. Everyone seems to love these shoes but me. I was told they need time to be broken in to be fully comfortable but no matter how many times or for how long I wear them, the backs of my heels always end up with broken skin which makes it impossible for me to wear these.

Wanted to love them I am sorry to say that I do not find these shoes comfortable. I really wanted to like because, well, everyone seems to. They are too tight. I am told that they will stretch out but I couldn't wait it out.

Wanted to love them I am sorry to say that I do not find these shoes comfortable. I really wanted to like because, well, everyone seems to. They are too tight. I am told that they will stretch out but I couldn't wait it out.

Toms, So comfortable!! I LOVE my Toms. Own multiple colors! They are so easy to wear, especially in the summer time. They last so long and even longer if you treat them with a water-proof treatment spray to prevent them from getting quite so dirty! I love that they mold to your foot for the perfect fit. I can wear them to work standing on my feet all day with no problem. The knock off brands don't compare. They may be a little pricy but with their mission and quality they are definitely worth the price! Don't skimp and get a "look alike"

WORST customer service. Customer Service is the WORST! I placed an order and when I received my confirmation approximately 5 minutes later I noticed the order had been doubled! I immediately call customer service and was told they could not amend or cancel an order because their system is "automated". I asked to speak to a supervisor who told me the same thing. I had to pay double for my order, wait for it to arrive and then go through the inconvenience of returning the unwanted items. Can you believe that? Then I have to wait 5 or 6 days for a refund to be processed. So now they have had double payment for about two weeks because my ship date is not until a week from now. In this day of automation and electronic media their "system is automated" so they cannot amend/cancel orders? Has to be the WORST excuse and the WORST customer service.

My family and I love TOMs shoes. The only downside I see is the sizing chart... I seemed to have read it wrong and I ordered too big. I had to re-order smaller ones but I kept the larger size for later, so it worked out in the end.

I love Toms they're amazing, but they do tear kind of easily.

Our budget was limited at the beginning of the school year so the price of the Toms Shoes was attractive. Unfortunately our 2 kids had to wear these to school for about 6 months. My 6 yr old daughter's shoes help up ok, but my 11 yr old son's shoes wore out so badly that the insole was completely gone and I had to give him the insoles from my sneakers so he could walk without limping. Thankfully we were able to replace these shoes with actual sneakers for the kids and threw our Toms Shoes in the trash at the shoe store. Not a good long-term investment.

I love these shoes. They are very comfortable and when you purchase a pair, they give a free pair to donation. Awesome shoes.