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  • bestmimi5 By  bestmimi5    

    Ate there recently with a group of 9 the waiter recommended a new Tequila lime chicken which was delicious! We were al very happy to have ordered it!

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  • djacarra By  djacarra    

    It has a great food menu and ideas, but sometimes I think the cooks rush, because my food came out dry and warm . But i always have a great waiter/tress so it makes my experience awesome.

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  • ShellM4 By  ShellM4    

    Use to love Applebee's but the food has become blah and the service is beyond horrible, so I do not care how affordable they might be. I will no longer go to the applebee's around my area and have pretty much stayed away from others as well. Sorry but two bad experiences are enough for me.

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  • AshleyG By  AshleyG    

    I don't eat out much but I'm always up for going to applebees! Great food and service.

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  • carebear5555us By  carebear5555us    

    Food tastes good. Like that they have healthy options.

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  • DunksMum By  DunksMum    

    Love Applebee's . MMM wish we had one locally

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  • Scalar22 By  Scalar22    

    A few years ago I had really bad reviews for Applebee's in my area, but lately, all the food and drink is awesomely delicious. They probably changed management and cook's. Great job! Great change!

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  • quietwater By  quietwater    

    The food is good and they offer weight watchers options but it gets boring if you go there regularly. I have trouble finding things I want to eat on the menu.

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  • Touchedpainter By  Touchedpainter    

    I don't eat out much because I love to cook. I love to create new dishes, and experiment with combining flavors. But I do love to eat at Applebees. Around here (Concord, NH) a lot of people go for the booze, but I don't drink alcohol. I love the burgers the most. My parents (late 80's) love Applebees. They go so often they are close with the servers, and the waitresses give my dad a hug. They & I get the emails and coupons. We never pay full price, only go with coupons. I have a nephew (highschooler), who takes his girlfriend to Applebees so often, that he only asks for Applebee gift certs. for birthday & Christmas gifts. They like a couple other restaraunts but Applebee is their favorite. I like to travel NH, so much to see & experience history, and eat at those Applebees around the state. I always know I won't be disappointed, and always have had a great experience. I also have 26 years experience as a food prep & cook for excellent truck stops & a 5-star catering service, so I am very critical when it comes to my food & service. New England Applebees (and Pennsylvanian) are great....

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  • staceypurdin By  staceypurdin    

    My family's favorite place to eat for cheap love the 2 for 20.00

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  • BriaLouise By  BriaLouise    

    I have been to multiple Applebee's in different states and the servers always mess up on my food. They have the nice 2 for $20 deal but the food isn't that great.

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  • Adrianna23 By  Adrianna23    

    It definitely depends on the city. Sometimes a longer wait and horrible service makes the environment less inviting. The appetizers are good and it is an affordable restaurant.

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  • lovingmomof5 By  lovingmomof5    

    Its affordable and the food is great!

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  • krisathome By  krisathome    

    This is my daughter's favorite place to eat. That is until they took the fajitas off the menu. Please put them back on the menu.

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    their food is good , but i perfer chillis

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