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  • DynamicNova By  DynamicNova    

    Dove creates products that makes your hair feel so nurished and healthy!

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  • jessdmill88 By  jessdmill88    

    The best drug store products you can get in my opinion. It smells great, makes my hair feel amazing and you cant beat the price!

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  • jazcristi By  jazcristi    

    This product worked amazing results, it left it smoother and softer. I was very happy wit the results.

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  • ZackRider By  ZackRider    


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  • zouzou87 By  zouzou87    

    Feels great on hair and smells fresh

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  • RGotteman By  RGotteman    

    The product smells great on my hair, in the summertime my daughter has thick hair and it gets like huge and for some reason this product keeps her hair flat and straight looking which I love, my daughter doesn't like the smell though, she says it smells gross and it's to strong, it makes hair look healthy and shiny,

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  • MsBianca76 By  MsBianca76    

    Dove haircare is terrible, the chemicals are too alkaline and there is nothing to poisturize or detangle your hair with. I think DOve is remarkable for deodorant and lotion because of their products hydrating effects but haircare they need to stay out of this game all together!

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  • kaylie122 By  kaylie122    

    I loved this one, it made my hair so soft and smelled really good enjoy the smell of doves products. Although try not to spray on roots if you have oily hair as it tends to look greasy by the end of the day.

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  • MrsKentuckyBlue By  MrsKentuckyBlue    

    I use the heat defense spray. Cant live w/o it. It still leaves my hair smooth and I don't have the frying feel after use. I use this for all my curling and flat iron dues. A must have in hair products.

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  • kuananysha By  kuananysha    

    anything that doves make is the bomb

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  • Babyruth543 By  Babyruth543    

    Works great and leaves hair smelling like it was just washed!! Love!

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  • camocutie21 By  camocutie21    

    I use these products daily. I'm high temperature hair damages from way back and this makes it feel so healthy you would never guess I did anything to it.

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  • suzpel By  suzpel    

    Really like these products, smell great, hair feels great also. We will see what longer use does.

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  • arsaivi By  arsaivi    

    don't like the smell. too strong

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  • cyasiansrock By  cyasiansrock    

    Dove is probably one of the hair products I use on a daily basis

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