HBO True Blood

HBO True Blood

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True blood is an amazing show. I love the atmosphere it puts up and the characters. There has been such great character development and thrilling plot lines.

I love this show I just wish they would have more shows more often

This show is awful. I watched the first few seasons; the first was great, the second was alright, the third became outright ridiculous, and I had to stop a few episodes into the fourth. Once the show started to stray more and more from the books, it seemed as if the writers were going for outrageous and controversial over content and actual entertainment. It's a shame because there are plenty of great actors, and the original storyline from the books could be a great basis for a TV show, but now it's only a shadow of what the series could have been.


Literally such a good show! I thought I'd watch one to see how it was and I loved it! I was immediately hooked and now I'm so sad it's going to be the final season coming up!

Started watching because I loved the book series,... the show is definately good, don't get me wrong, but hasn't followed the books. Not a bad thing though, I never know what's going to happen next when watching the series even though I've read the book series from start to finish

My only complaint with this show is that you've got to wait a year in between seasons. The books and the show are two VERY different things but both are very enjoyable.

I am such a big fan!! Love, love, love!! Love jason!! Loved vampire stuff for yrs but this is by far my favorite vampire series! so very hooked on it. Can't stop talking about it

I am a fan of the show.I do feel that the show was better the first few seasons and then kind of went down hill.I still continue to watch and this past season was awesome so now i'm kind of sad that show will be ending after it's ext season.

Yes, I'm a fan. I do have to admit I like the earlier episodes better but it still is a great series to watch. I need to read the books. Who doesn't love the last name Stackhouse!

Love love love true blood!

I love this show!!! I am sad there is only one more season left!

hooked beyond belief

I loved the 1st few seasons. I read all the books and the show is not in any way like the books as usual. But each season gets further from the books. I dont like the newer seasons as much as the earlier ones but I still watch every Sunday.

My fiance and I have been hooked since the first episode..