ABC Grey's Anatomy

ABC Grey's Anatomy

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i really do like this show. buuut, the story line is getting kinda cheesy and predictable to me. but the show still keep me watching.

I love Grey's Anatomy! I've been watching it right from the beginning and I love how the characters have evolved over the years. Most of us as fans want happiness for MerDer and Christina/Owen, but I think the creator of the show, Shonda Rhimes is right in taking the story line where she has. Especially this season between Christina and Owen. The fans want everything perfect between these couples but the reality of life is that things aren't always perfect and Shonda is showing us that. The other thing I absolutely adore about Grey's is the MUSIC!!!!!! How can you not be involved and be touched when you hear that music! You can buy a soundtrack cd of the music you hear on the show. I know Grey's can't last forever and I don't think we really want it to, but in the meantime it sure is a great gig!

I am completely obsessed with this show! I love the intense relationships that go on, the drama, the work environment, It holds my attention, when I first started watching this, I couldn't stop till I found out what was going to happen between Meredith and Derek! Love this show!

I am still addicted to this show even after I tried swearing it off a few seasons ago. While the script has gone from award-winning -drama level to soap-opera level, there is still something about this show that keeps me interested. I do feel as though it is a bit over the top lately but the visuals of the procedures they do combined with above average acting and a dedication to the core characters keeps this series on air.

This is one of my fave shows! I always look forward to watching on thursday nights. And watch re-runs on lifetime.

I LOVE Greys! I'm in nursing school and found it to be pretty accurate, and made remembering certain procedures for exams really easy. Not to mention a that the characters are funny, relatable, and the male surgeons are pretty good looking. The only thing I don't see happening where I work is my coworkers making out in the clean rooms. I can't miss an episode



Love this show it keeps you jumping and waiting to know what happens. Cant wait for the new season.

Absolutely my most favorite show of all time! Never know what's going to happen ! Love it!!!!

The best show! I LOVE this show! Hot actors and has drama to keep you wanting more! I love the medical aspect of this show! My husband will even sit and watch it with me from time to time. Don't think he wants to admit it, but I think he enjoys it as well!

I've been watching this show since day one! I never miss an episode and I'm so bummed when its an off season. My Husband doesn't like the show but i'm addicted!

My favorite TV show, I cant miss an episode, even my husband watches it with me

This show is awesome. I really enjoyed the earlier seasons. I would recommend it to anyone.

Really like the show, but sometimes the story line gets a little too deep. Over all a great show, I try to catch it when I can.