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Fox Glee

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I love this show, everytime it comes on my TV is always on fox. I never miss an episode.

I took the time to watch this show GLEE and was extremely upset by the material. First of all, I have to commend the actors on their awesom muscial talents. They are phenomenal!!! However, the story content was EXTREMELY upsetting especially if the target audience is 13-17 year olds. Where is the sense of morals? It seemed like EVERY student was involved in sexual relationships, whether hetro, bi or gay, at an alarming acceptable rate. While I do not live in a dream world, I do believe that promoting open sexual relationships to young adults or anyone for that matter WITHOUT explaing the risks and possible negative outcomes is IRRESPONSIBLE. Wake up!! Stop promoting this behavior!! Perhaps try showing how some teens are working hard to be responsible and still having fun WITHOUT promiscuous irresponsible behavior !!!

what can I say, its GLEE. I just love it all

This show brings out the underdog in all of us. I love all the characters and their drama. It's amazing!!!!

this is my new obsession!!!

Glee is great. It has singing, dancing, comedy, drama and HEART! My boyfriend and I watch this show every week and I am generally surprised at how often I find myself laughing, tearing up and then discussing the show later. Love it.

I LOVE Glee. It is a bit crazy and unrealistic but it is fun! I love the singing and dancing even though outlandish.

This is a great show! The storyline is good, and the music is AWESOME!

grandma2, I totally agree with you. I would give it 5 stars because I love the music and I can't wait for the new episode each week. It's the kinda show you ask your co-workers if they caught last night's episode.... BUT, please, please, please... let the gay stuff go. I love how over the top most of the storylines are, but I don't let my kids watch, just because of the "OK to be gay" theme.

Great show, but has the potential to go over the top and in the wrong direction. Hope it stays funny not left-wing preachy.

This is a great show. Always so uplifting in a good way. MUST SEE TV is right!!!

Love this show! Always leaves me feeling like I want to break out in song!

Absolutely a MUST SEE!!! This show is fun, original, and entertaining. LOVE this show!

I love Glee! My new must watch!

Nice new show I enjoy watching it.