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  • suerelove By  suerelove    

    I quick fix for breakfast on to go. I am not a huge Oatmeal person, but my kids love this product. It is a great value.

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  • Ceders10 By  Ceders10    

    Love these. Super easy to make and perfect for on the go or simply if you're running late for work or class. Great taste and pair with some milk and it will fill you up.

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  • CJTellstheTruth By  CJTellstheTruth    

    These would be a great snack only if they more taste. Too bland for my taste!

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  • gordisdeoro By  gordisdeoro    

    Eat for breakfast every morning cups to maple brown sugar

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  • katiebug8 By  katiebug8    

    Easy on the go snack, but does not taste that great. Will not buy this again.

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  • Mi1onus By  Mi1onus    

    Great if you're looking for a healthier breakfast item to prepare in an instant. It comes in a lot of flavor varieties so there's something for everyone in your household.

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  • shannonmdavis72912 By  shannonmdavis72912    

    I eat Quaker Oatmeal every morning, and so do my kids!

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  • arevanovich By  arevanovich    

    Love Quaker oatmeal bars! Easy to grab when your in a hurry.

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  • mtidey By  mtidey    

    Quick, easy, and great tasting! I enjoy these as a light snack or for breakfast.

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  • aed21349 By  aed21349    

    A great healthy snack choice that is also convenient for on the go.

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  • Jennyfr By  Jennyfr    

    I love Quaker oatmeal and these are OK tasting but not as healthy as claimed. Too many additives for me!

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  • murphydobie By  murphydobie    

    Oatmeal breakfast to go is definitely an everyday staple in my house. Even when I'm not on the go. They are great not only as they are, but if you warm them up and put some yogurt on top, they are even better. My only wish is that there be more flavors.

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  • jessi0922x By  jessi0922x    

    Haven't had these in a while. Loved them with morning (night) coffee when I was working graveyard shift. Great on-the-go snack/breakfast.

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  • LadySutton By  LadySutton    

    A good, healthy snack choice.

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  • shanrenee By  shanrenee    

    Healthy quick tasty breakfast choice when you're on the go!

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