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  • Oraliagama By  Oraliagama    

    I LOVE THIS RAZOR. its super amazing on my skin and it can be used more than once.

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  • sbentley By  sbentley    

    Love these... close shave like an expensive razor without the cost!

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  • SchottlerC By  SchottlerC    

    I recently bought some of these to try as I have been lookinf for something to replace my store brand disposable razors that I have been using for years. At three times the price, the same shelf life and nothing special about the shave I am not impressed. I will however give them credit for being better looking.

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  • abean8992 By  abean8992    

    These added cuts to my leg .I am not impressed and will not buy them again.l

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  • Shelbs By  Shelbs    

    didnt feel like i got the best shave with these razors.

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  • krr819645 By  krr819645    

    I tried this razor recently and it is just wonderful no stubbs on me :) and a shave at least once every two days usually this is worth using and is worth the money...

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  • kly1490 By  kly1490    

    I hate these razors. They aren't super cheap razors yet they work like they are. Every time I use this product I end up with tons of cuts.

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  • shortj1016 By  shortj1016    

    I have been using Venus for years because of how wonderful of a job they do. I decided to try and save some money and buy the Bic disposable. It made me realize why I have stuck to using Venus despite the price. I had bad razor burn and a lot of cuts after using these. I saved the remainder of the razors for my guests if they ever need a razor last minute.

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  • garrison5 By  garrison5    

    I bought a pack of these razors. The first one I used tore up my legs - nicks, razor burn and an inconsistent shave. Thinking that maybe it was just that one razor, I tried another new one the next time only to get the same results. I tossed the rest and will not ever buy bic razors again. I have to remind myself in the store that bic makes pens, not razors.

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  • emsmomma05 By  emsmomma05    

    I really did not like these razors at all. They just didn't impress me.

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  • tricki11 By  tricki11    

    I call these so-so Soleils because they feel like sandpaper running across your skin. I would not recommend these.

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  • mandamo29 By  mandamo29    

    I usually stick to my favorite name brand, however, college kids don't have a ton of money so i went for these as a substitute and they work just as great as my name brand ones. I stocked up on these instead of the name brand ones for this school year.

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  • bessiejenki By  bessiejenki    

    I use this a lot they are decent fairly easy to use design and i get a good close shave with little or no irritation. My only real complaint comes from them being what i call a real one time use razor they get dull fast and they rust really fast too but for use when traveling or for an overnight bag they are perfect.

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  • coach7669 By  coach7669    

    I love these razors. They leave my legs smooth. I do not have to use a shaving cream with them. They leave the bikini area smooth as well. Some razors leave bumps and red marks, but I do not get that with these razors.

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  • mckenna2098 By  mckenna2098    

    i will have to give them a try thanx ;)

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