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  • andyashleigh By  andyashleigh    

    Yummy and fruity

    Our whole family loves the fun and fruity flavors of Edy's Fruit Bars. I love that I feel like I'm feeding my kids a healthier "sweet treat" when I hand them one of these! And they're perfect for cooling down after a fun day in the hot sun!

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  • Peachesncream887 By  Peachesncream887    

    Taste great

    These are so good. They taste more like real fruit than other frozen treats. They still taste like they have a bit of sugar but it is a better alternative.

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  • Bobertbleh By  Bobertbleh    

    Love 'em!

    I love these Fruit bars, strawberry is one of my favorites! Don't eat too many or else you might just go into a food coma.

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  • ortiz1988c By  ortiz1988c    


    I love to get this during the summer. They got great flavors and taste so delicious. Worth having in the summer time. Goes great with the heat and thirst.

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  • BlueEyedDreamer By  BlueEyedDreamer    


    My husband and I really like these! I've tried about four different flavors and so far Strawberry is my favorite one! The strawberry ones have lots of chunks of fruit in each bar. The Peach one is a close runner up. Didn't care too much for Coconut.

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  • tigerlilly By  tigerlilly    

    My favorite!!!

    These are my favorite. The are great for a snack.

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  • Wiccanbat666 By  Wiccanbat666    

    Great tasting.

    My mother used to eat these all the time. They taste amazing!

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  • AllieMoje By  AllieMoje    

    The best out there!

    YES YES YES! I cannot have enough of these! Soooo Yummy!

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  • Josienika By  Josienika    

    Fruit Bars

    We love fruit bars and having one that made with real fruit is a plus for my family my family would enjoy this

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  • aleema1 By  aleema1    

    Tasty treats for all

    In my personal opinion Edy's fruit bars are one of the most delicious and nutritious treats you could feed to the whole family without worrying about when the next dentist appointment is.

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  • monteque By  monteque    

    Loving the Fruit Bars

    I love these things. I eat them often. My kids love them and it is a healthier snack.

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  • MBabb123 By  MBabb123    

    Great taste!

    I love these. I love that they have real fruit inside of the bars. They taste great!

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  • Lovemykids1216 By  Lovemykids1216    

    We Love Edy's Fruit Bars

    I honestly love Edy's Fruit Bars the strawberry and the banana is my all time favorite. They are tasty, the flavor is real and good, and they are refreshing when it's hot outside. My kids love them also so it's a treat my whole family enjoys together.

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  • PrettyPretty By  PrettyPretty    

    Deliciously Healthy!!!

    Made with real fruit and goodness. Nice and perfectly sweet, they're delicious, inexpensive, and absolutely refreshing especially, on a hot summer day. You can buy these delicious goodies from your local grocery store at a very reasonable price.

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  • AprilKat By  AprilKat    

    A favorite for us

    My children love Popsicles what kid doesn't but I love that these give me that edge of giving them something good for them while also giving them what they want to. The flavors they come in are wonderful too. While I love a different flavor personally everyone else in the house loves the strawberry the best with actual real chunks of strawberry in it.

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