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  • Mommycheli By  Mommycheli    

    I really love this razor. It gives such a smooth shave and is easy to use on smaller areas such as my underarms. Some razors are too bulky and I only use on my legs. This is my favorite razor.

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  • MommaSholly06 By  MommaSholly06    

    This is my absolute FAVORITE razor!!! I never get cut with this razor unlike any other I've used. It is so great my husband even uses it rather then his own.

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  • Sarahkaye By  Sarahkaye    

    least favorite razor, the handle never wanted to clip into new blades and soap and shaved hair would get stuck in the back of the razor and was very difficult to remove in the shower.

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  • sharola03 By  sharola03    

    I gotta confess I hate shaving. The reality is that I have really sensitive skin and where I live is very hot and humid. I've tried so many razors to prevent rash and itchy, dry skin that I've lost count. This is the only razor, along with other products, that has controlled my extensive rash, itchiness and dry skin to a point that I don't dislike shaving now. It's a close enough shave and leaves my skin rash-free most of the time. When you have something like that, you stick by it and that's what I've done with Schick Quattro ever since I first bought them.

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  • everythingandnothin By  everythingandnothin    

    I like these razors! They do a good job at giving a close shave.

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  • rachelrivera1313 By  rachelrivera1313    

    These make my legs feel sooo smooth! and they last longer than any other razor I've used.

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  • virginie22 By  virginie22    

    yes!! love these and they make my legs feel so smooth. They are awesome.

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  • MinnesotaMama By  MinnesotaMama    

    I have been using this razor for years and think it is the best women's razor available. It offers a wonderful close shave without drying my skin out.

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  • amera101 By  amera101    

    Easy to replace and leaves my skin feeling like a babys butt

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  • cadillacblu By  cadillacblu    

    Okay lets be honest I'm really hairy and my skin is sensitive. Its just genetic. This is the best razor for both in my book. Hey but you don't have to take my word for it, you try it.

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  • kmorasse By  kmorasse    

    These are good razors, but wear quickly. They arent bad for the price most of the time, but wish they would last a bit longer.

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  • boyerbn By  boyerbn    

    This product was something that I received as a gift, and it was one of the worst razors I had ever used. The handle was nice, easy to hold, and the razor was easy to maneuver. The blades, however, didn't shave very close. I have very fine hair on my legs, and this razor left horrible stubble. It was no where near what I even received from disposable razors. It took three passes for me to even get it down to just stubble, and the blades clogged very easily. I wouldn't recommend this to a friend, though I will add that razors depend on the hair, and technique.

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  • mmarie2006 By  mmarie2006    

    I have only used this razor and its refills for maybe the past 10 years. I won't try any other razor unless I need to!

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  • Liliana415 By  Liliana415    

    Love these razors! They make my legs feel very smooth!

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  • Danycgf3 By  Danycgf3    

    While this is a great razor, the price makes it less likely to purchase from budget-concious ladies.

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