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NETFLIX Movie Rental

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I haven't had cable for almost 4 years; therefore Netflix and other streaming apps have kept me in the loop of modern TV/movies. I like Netflix because I share a subscription with my family. I love how you can have your own "profile" that separates your queue, watch list and recommended list from others on the same account. A wider variety of shows and older movies to stream would make my rating higher. I also use Hulu Plus. It has earlier updates; I just wish it had no advertisements during tv shows. I stream Netflix on my Xbox 360 and watch on my HDTV.

I had many problems with the movies rented from Netflix back when the service was included in the lowest price with streaming. The disc's were scratched, shipping time frame at times were far and in between.

The movies are a little dated and hulu runs the more popular TV shows. Netflix originals like "House of Cards" are the one saving grace.

Great If you are not picky and just want a variety of selections to choose from. Sometimes I can't find anything that satisfies me but then you can always search genres you want. I think Its decent for a decent Price. tried it for a month but discontinued it.

I like Netflix but it rarely has great movies. Most the stuff is just okay or way old. But when I'm bored with nothing to do it's there.

Netflix is a great affordable way to catch up on old movies and shows, but if you're looking for something current, you won't find it here!

Lovee netflix ! A few problems, the connection is sometimes poor and there are a lot of older moviess

Honest Opinion I personally love Netflix don't get me wrong but the new movie rental is a bit excessive mainly because people want to watch it right then and there, and if people are requesting so much of one show or movie I think you should just add it instead of them paying the extra for the movie rental. I love Netflix but it does have some things that need to be fixed.

Decent but could be better Netflix is good but it does have some draw backs. Over all my kids like to use it but personally myself I like to expand on other services too. Netflix recently has seemed to have an issue where they add and remove a lot of stuff. I start watching a show and go back one day to find out it is gone. My kids like the kids profile to find things easier. Overall the Roku app that I mainly use this just does not seem like a smooth app and has faults and connection issues while other apps connect just fine. Also as each year continues and shows are removed they keep raising the price and you have to pay extra for ultra-HD which is pointless.

My husband and I just joined last month--in an effort to save money, but still enjoy life! We only receive one movie at a time (unlimited) all month long. We like it, but all of the movies that we really want to see have been on a "long wait" for over a month now. It's really frustrating my husband. I on the other hand enjoy the "watch now" feature--although most of the movies aren't the greatest, but at least it give us the chance to watch a movie in between shipments. I think we might have to look into the xbox 360 instant feature that youngthani is using!

We've had Netflix for years now with very few problems. The worst issue we've had was the occasional DVD being too scratched to play. We're pretty spoiled because we live fairly close to a shipping center so we get our movies in less than 24 hours!

Great way to watch movies!

I have a Netflix account and it is great. It's better and easier than renting movies from an actual store and definitely a lot less expensive. There are a lot to choose from. The only thing is that I wish there were more movies to choose from in the "watch instantly" section. It seems like the ones in that section are always boring.

I have been a member for 5 years now and used to love Netflix. Now I just like it since a few months ago they stopped offering new releases the day they come out (usually a Tuesday). Now I have to wait up to a month to see a new release. I do like that there are no late fees and that I usually get a movie I requested in about 2 days. I have been pleased with the selection. I have been able to watch movies that I have not seen in the video store. I love the website since it offers suggestions based on your reviews of movies as well as genre suggestions.

Great price. I love rating movies I have already seen and then getting suggestions of ones I might like. I love getting my little red package in the mail... feels like Christmas morning!