Emergen-C Kidz Complete Multivitamin

Emergen-C Kidz Complete Multivitamin

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2 words: hangover cure.

Good to take to prevent allergies and colds!

My kids didn't like it in this form. I had hard time giving it to them. I think these are better for adults.

My kids didn't like them when i got the for them

both me and my daughter hate the taste

I think that they need to improve the taste.

I love this idea for kids. Because my daughter was asking for mine. The flavor and fizz is the same as the regular version. I am happy to supplement my daughter vitamins with the kids Emergen-C.

I buy these for my daughter when she seems to be getting sick. I feel like it boosts her immunity system and shortens the time she will be getting sick. we are not too fawn of the flavor an I think they could do some improvements on that but other than that they are really healthy for her an we love them!

great for kids but yes, the flavor could use some improvement.

Honestly it is a good way of getting vitiman C but I'd rather drink a lot of orange juice or vitiam C supplements than to drink that stuff. It doesn't taste very good, and at first it is this thick frothy layer of some thing when it reacts with water but it is not appetizing. Then is settles down and is ok both the taste is still not ideal. It is a good idea but not in this form.

My oldest was not a fan (age 6) of the taste and my youngest (age 3) will drink it if I bribe him LOL Will be sticking with gummie vitamins and oranges ...

First I try Emergen-c for me, and after I decide to try the kids versions. My kids love it, and I think they get healthier with this vitamin juice.

My husband buys this all of the time. He drinks this on a daily basis. I would recommend it to everyone

its expensive but good

My kids actually prefer the regular emergen-c. I only give them half of the packet. I do LOVE emergen-c!