Born Free Glass Baby Bottle

Born Free Glass Baby Bottle

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Had a hard time finding a bottle that was safe for my baby and one my baby liked. Well she loved these bottles, and because they are glass they will last for a long time and can be used for a while.

our baby does like this bottle, refused to drink milk or formula from it,we have to switch to avent .

I love these bottles. I am a first-time mother and used these bottles on my first born. Although these are expensive, we went through numerous bottles for his gas. They are difficult to clean and sanitizing was a lot of work, but my son never suffered from gas pain after he used these bottles. I love them.

glass bottles are the way to go. you do not need to worry about bpa


Me personally I dont like glass bottles neither did my baby.

Feel better about the use of glass instead of plastic and BPA.

These are so nice. I bought a few and added them to a basket for a new mother. Nice to feel safe when your feeding our lil ones. thank you for a great product.

These are the only bottles that my sons could use. As soon as we switched to this brand they were so much better. No more crying from gas pains. They are easy to clean, not a ton of parts. Definite must have for any baby with gas and colic.

Love them would never go back to plastic again. I dont care if they say BPA free or not. I just feel better using glass.

i love these bottles! i have been breastfeeding for a year and i have bought so many bottles to try to switch at night but none worked. until i got a free bottle from my daughters doctor, new and my daughter loves it. now i ccan put her in her crib and she will fall asleep on her own

I love glass baby bottles. Send them my way.

I still don't think glass is a great idea for baby bottles. Easily breakable and more expensive.

These are great but if you drop them they will break obviously!

This is a good bottle, its alittle heavy cause its glass and you have to becareful not to drop it onto a hard surface cause it can break. other wise its a good bottle