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  • Emschick707 By  Emschick707    

    Great for on the go

    Love this product especially the protein smoothies for quick nutritious energy on the go!! Working in EMS is fast paced and you don?t always have time to eat let alone have it be anything healthy so this is the best of both worlds, high in sugars but naturally from the whole fruits that are in it!!!

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  • siyue52 By  siyue52    

    naked juice

    These are really good but I feel like I want to add water to it because of all the sugar.

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  • MissHR By  MissHR    

    Good on the Go

    As a dance teacher, I am constantly on the go and looking for easy solutions for meals that are both good for me and take care of the need. I have recently started to use the half size naked drinks to naturally boost my blood sugar between classes. Not only does it taste good, but it is very satisfying.

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  • Sunny503 By  Sunny503    

    Love theses juices!!

    Me amd my family love Naked juices. We drink them everyday.

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  • liwenhan_u By  liwenhan_u    

    this drink is so good! I always get it when I see it at Costco! It?s made with real fruit it could have a lot of sugar but I think it?s from the fruit .

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  • Brittany8977 By  Brittany8977    

    I don't drink because they're healthy. I could careless I love the flavor and taste of them! So yummy the smoothies are my favorite

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  • amsweeney By  amsweeney    


    Taste so good! BUT so many sugars which is not what I needed. I wanted something tasty and healthy and this wasn't it. This is more of a meal replacement which I do not recommend.

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  • Shannelcouture By  Shannelcouture    

    Love love love these drinks

    The Naked brand smoothies are PERFECT for those on the go and who do not have time to literally prep and get up in time enough to make a smoothie. Literally has the simplest ingredients and backed by the rainforest foundation which is AWESOME! But anyways I enjoy a banana strawberry or green machine on the regular, sometimes I even purchase a box of the minis with multiple flavors in the pack. Any flavor will do honestly.

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  • storm1 By  storm1    

    A bit too sweet sometimes

    While I appreciate any juice company that uses natural ingredients and try to be healthy with their products, I find that Naked Juice is a bit too sweet for me. I do like their protein versions however as it helps me throughout the day when I am too busy to eat a normal lunch/meal and need something substantial but still tastes good.

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  • JSO1988 By  JSO1988    

    Healthy drink

    This product is very rich in flavor and has a thick texture to it. It's a healthy drink I love purchasing this product when I need a healthy drink.

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  • spoonfullofsugaar By  spoonfullofsugaar    

    These are super tasty! I love all the different flavors and they always taste fresh. I just wish they were healthier and didn't have so much sugar.

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  • Runsthedistance By  Runsthedistance    

    Drink Up

    I love Naked drinks. They actually taste pretty good considering how healthy they are. I love drinking them in the morning for breakfast. It helps me to get my fruits and vegetables in for the day. My only complaint is that they are expensive. Other than that I love drinking them.

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  • Butterflysgirl By  Butterflysgirl    

    Be careful!

    Not as healthy as they seem! Very high in sugar. There are many better options, that are healthier and organic, instead of over processed like this is. But still a two star product because of ease of accessibility. They are everywhere, so if there?s not healthier option, it?s still better than a soda.

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  • Tayler05 By  Tayler05    


    Delicious and good if you have low-blood sugar. I will usually have this in place of a snack, or maybe with some almonds or cashews. Perfect snack,

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  • Missalli By  Missalli    

    Love it

    My favorite is the Green Machine. It is for when you need something quick and on the go. Yes there is a lot of sugar, but it is from fruit which naturally has sugar in it.

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