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  • woodardfam By  woodardfam    

    I really enjoy the Downy products, but this one smells great. I actually do not use as much as is recommended because the scent can be a little overwhelming. I appreciate that the clothes hold the scent after being put away to wear.

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  • TinaRofo By  TinaRofo    

    I love this fabric softener - smells great even for my husband's clothing. Clothing comes out soft and no static.

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  • sangeetha By  sangeetha    

    i like to try this do send me a sample , i love the smell of lavender

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  • goldie77 By  goldie77    

    This is my favorite scent. It's not overpowering and it has such a soothing scent!!

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  • KainatSalami By  KainatSalami    

    It is my favorite fabric softener because it is effective and it's smell.

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  • mamalou413 By  mamalou413    

    I LOVE the smell of the lavender vanilla and actually will try to "hide" it from the kids so they will use the normal down for their stuff and keep the "special" stuff for sheets and towels. The smell is incredible and really seems to last long after the wash cycle. It makes everything smell extra special and thee is nothing better than the smell of fresh sheets!

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  • marysunshine621 By  marysunshine621    

    Love this product, the scent is wondeful, a smell I love on my sheets. Smells like lotion I would put on after a shower. A new favorite for me, I have bought it every time I got low on a bottle.

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  • sephoraluver75 By  sephoraluver75    

    Love the smell of these

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  • fakeha By  fakeha    

    i to wanna try it plese send me sample

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  • ciegleparis By  ciegleparis    

    This vanilla lavender scent is so rich, it's almost decadent. It leaves such a nice scent and makes the clothes s-o-o soft. It's more expensive than regular Downy, and a rather feminine scent not really appropriate for work uniforms and men's clothes, so I ration it out for the special dresses and bedding for the female portions of our household.

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  • jms1683 By  jms1683    

    Love the smell, not so much the price. Scent can be too much, but if you use half of what you are supposed to, it is perfect.

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  • dragonflies By  dragonflies    

    I love the way it makes my clothes smell and feel. When I walk out side when my clothes are drying in the dryer, I get the scent from the dryer vent leading outside. Oh my, it smells soooo goood!!

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