Tide Coldwater

Tide Coldwater

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love that it works in cold water and produces such great cleaning results

I liked Coldwater Tide, the colors did not fade in the wash and I noticed I did not need fabric softener. I will recommend and buy with a coupon or on sale.

This is the best Tide yet. It cleans greats, has a pleasing scent and the best part is that it will save me money on my electric bill.

Great Product that cleans well & leaves a great scent in cold water! I did have a few of my 7-yr. olds pink clothing not come completely stain-free with just one wash, or I would have given this a 5-star review! Definately would purchase if the price is right though!

This was an excellent product. I like the cleaning power & the energy saving. I'm allergic to fragrance so I would love to see it in a fragrance free version. It cleaned my family's clothes very well. They liked the scent.

I'm very happy with the results I received from Tide Coldwater. I used it to wash a load that required cold water and I was very satisfied. I've never been thrilled with the scent of regular liquid Tide so I was sceptical, but I was pleasantly surprised when the wash was complete and the clothes smelled very nice. I'm very picky about my wash and only use powdered Tide with Bleach for all loads. It was a stretch for me to try something different, but I'm happy to say that the results were good. I haven't had the nerve to try it on my normal warm water washes yet. With three sons and a very outdoor-active husband, I can't imagine washing their clothes in cold water. I'll post again after I've gotten the nerve to try it!!

After finally getting the HE style of Tide Coldwater I must say the cleaning power is terrific, but my family hates scents and the scent lingers after finishing the washing and drying. It even seemed to revive some of my dingy clothes and bedding. I'll be on the lookout for a fragrance free version in the future (fingers crossed). A great product by a great brand!

After continued use of this trial- I like it more and more. We used to use Tide but stopped because it was too harsh and my child developed ezcema. This new tide cold water free is just what we needed. It isgentle, no dye or fragrance and it cleans without leaving irritating residue on the clothes. A true winner! Wish we could find it in our stores.

I was pleased to find that Coldwater Tide works as well as regular Tide, and the scent is not over-powering like some of their other products. It is a great idea for energy conservation, too!

I have used almost all of the Tide. Before i go on,let me state,I am a laundry snob. I detest a hamper full of clothes and run my machine every day. i pride myself on my whites being the whites and my colors being their brightest. I did a side by side comparison with the Tide and my usual brand,by picking a few items to specifically compare. While I do admit that Tide works wonderful,and as I have been using cold water for my laundry for over 20 yrs,I honestly cannot say that Tide performed better than my current brand. So for me,while it did clean,for the price of what this costs and what my normal brand costs,I cannot justify spending almost double for a brand that does no more than what I already accomplish. I myself will be staying with my ususal brand,paying less and getting just as good results.

I was very reluctant to use only cold water, especially with whites. I struggle with getting my whites white even with hot water. I saw absolutely no difference in washing with cold water! Tahat is good, but I would have liked to have seen BETTER results with the cold Water Tide. I love the fact that I am saving energy though. I just wish I had more luck with getting my whites, whiter.

I stopped using Tide a long time ago because it had gotten so expensive. After using this sample, I checked on prices and it has come down a lot. If might buy Tide from now on, if I had some great coupons to keep the cost down.

First off want to Thank SheSpeaks for shipping me the Tide HE...first Tide that was sent was not able to use in our washer...so gave it away to family member to use...I for one love it...the scent stays on clothes and sheets...I wasnt even using my downy....just dryer sheets....Tide Coldwater will be my next purchase..and I think the one I gave away...they loved it as well!! .

I've always been a warm water washer, I'm now a cold water convert!

I am in love with it have had a couple of friends come over and told them about it they went right away and bought it . I showed them how clean it got my clothes with cold water they were so excited about it . Thanks SheSpeaks for sharing with my family now I am sharing with my friends !!!