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  • Poohcifer By  Poohcifer    

    I love Amazon. My husband and I are Prime members and buy all kinds of things from there. The prices are great so we always check Amazon when we're planning a purchase, and we frequently read the product reviews to help us make informed purchasing decisions. Prime is great for us too - we did nearly all our Christmas shopping online which saved us time and energy. It was great!

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  • Outgoing1 By  Outgoing1    

    I've bought a vacuum, Dolce & Gabana fragrance, CD's etc. and love Amazon's free shipping if the item's over $25. Excellent company to do business with!

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  • BostonSox By  BostonSox    

    Can't speak highly enough about their customer service! FedEx messed up a delivery of a gift for my child that was going to be from Santa and shipped the package to the wrong state (2000 miles away). FedEx was useless in helping me so I called FedEx who send me a new item Priority Overnight (and they didn't charge me) so that Christmas morning was a happy one. They went above and beyond. Also, they have tons of items to choose from. We gave all our our kids teachers $50 Amazon gift cards for Christmas.

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  • joy9281 By  joy9281    

    I ordered a dvd set from Amazon for my dad for Christmas it arrived quickly with free shipping and was in brand new condition as stated.

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  • deefbi By  deefbi    

    I love AMAZON!!!!! I'm a newby to the site but i've fallen in love. Especially when buying books.

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  • mysticalpisces By  mysticalpisces    

    I love using amazon. I have been using them for years and always go there before I buy anywhere. They have fast shipping and even have the suggestions.. Items are as describe and have never had any problem with using their site.

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  • dwynath By  dwynath    

    I have shopped at Amazon since the 1990s. They always provide excellent selection, price, and service. Retailers missing any of those three, especially service, criteria leaves my list eventually. Whether buying or selling, Amazon helps streamline the process so both buyer and seller (commission is a bit high, so I prefer ebay) can feel at ease doing business with them.

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  • stajorsol By  stajorsol    

    I love how quickly items get shipped from Amazon. Sometimes I do not like clicking in so many different things but I do love the convenience of one stop shopping.

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  • waltenja By  waltenja    

    Have ordered items through Amazon several times during the past years. I have never had a problem with any order. Ordering process is easy and fast and items have all been on time and as described.

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  • ginagina909 By  ginagina909    

    Love amazon...don't always love the sellers! got a package wraped in a lunch bag and manilla envelope! Overall though I get things fast and am pretty much not dissapointed.

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  • april_ilo By  april_ilo    

    Just purchased "Casting Crowns -peace on earth" cd from I had the item in my mailbox in 2 days!!! Its was just standard shipping! I was able to use the gift card provided from she speaks for participating in the credit card feedback offer :) I will be shopping w/ for the holidays!!

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  • Rnkmom By  Rnkmom    

    Love Amazon. Great prices, easy to utilize, always have what I'm looking for and great deal on shipping for products directly from Amazon.

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  • mpom66 By  mpom66    

    I have used Amazon for years - love ths site - I go here first when I am looking for a paticular product.!!

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  • Jessica45730 By  Jessica45730    

    I love!! They consistently have the best prices. Furthermore, their shipping options are great and always on time (or earlier than expected!). I love the "Wish List" feature and "Recommendations". Makes online shopping so enjoyable.

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  • citygirl146 By  citygirl146    

    Amazon is one of my most favorite online stores! I have never had a problem with them, and whenever I order something, it comes in a few weeks. Exactly how the description had described it! Also, one of the things I love most is that you can get things for so cheap! More than half the price, and still in great condition!

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