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  • terryllacy By  terryllacy    

    I have used Amazon for several years. Always find the cheapest online prices! Plus you get free shipping!

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  • ilovemyminidachshund By  ilovemyminidachshund    

    I love Amazon! We completed almost all of our Christmas shopping through Amazon this past year. Each product we ordered came quickly, and was just what we ordered. We have had wonderful shopping experiences with Amazon!

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  • fiberartist4u By  fiberartist4u    

    I go on Amazon for books, found great deals on used books. Also bought toner from one of the shops.

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  • tennisgirl442 By  tennisgirl442    

    Love it. And if you need to return something...Amazon makes it so easy. And everything ships so fast!

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  • SuddenlyMom By  SuddenlyMom    

    Love it. Love getting deals and free Amazon Prime by being enrolled in a free program called "Amazon Mom". Worth checking out if you buy diapers or any other type of baby supplies. Who doesn't love free 2 day shipping?

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  • rmurray By  rmurray    

    Amazon is great! No other online store is as great

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  • winglesssmith By  winglesssmith    

    Amazon is the best online store there is and I've been using it for years. Their prices are usually the best you can find around (including in person prices!). Their search engine is very easy and almost have everything on there worth finding. There is a wish list where you can add items you want to buy later (so you won't forget) or some others can buy it for you. You can have more than one wish list and it can be where anyone can find your list OR/AND set them so no one can (it's up to you). If you have Prime membership with Amazon you can get two day shipping for free and if you aren't a prime member you can get free shipping by spending at least $25. I've never had a problem with getting my items and I've always been happy with them. They only thing I don't love is to be a Prime member of Amazon it costs $75 dollar... but really in the end it is truly worth it.

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  • audm22 By  audm22    

    I use Amazon for everything! I can always find things cheaper on this site than anywhere else and I love the free shipping for orders over $25. I keep my "wishlist" on here and anytime I want to treat myself or give someone a gift ideas, I refer to that list. Can't say enough good things about it!

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  • Soonergirl92 By  Soonergirl92    

    Love love LOVE Amazon. Mostly reliable sellers, ALWAYS with great pricing options, especially on used items. Everything is super professional and alway at a really good price. They've also got so many helpful things like product reviews and the "others who looked at this bought" list. Wonderful site!

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  • dgonzalez10 By  dgonzalez10    

    This is the best place for online shopping especially since it is synced with many stores and brands that it makes shopping for multiple things great

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  • momof2boys1 By  momof2boys1    

    I love Amazon too. It is by far the best store. I just became a kindle member and I absolutely love it! Excellent customer service would love to work for a company like that.

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  • maroonedonmars By  maroonedonmars    

    I do most of my online shopping through Amazon (they carry almost everything!). I am a long time customer and have created many wish lists including a Wedding Registry. I love the free shipping over $25, because I usually have a hard time spending less than that in an order. They usually have the best price on items as well (who wants to pay full suggested retail price for things?!). If not, I can usually find item NEW for less (incl. Shipping costs) through one of their marketplace sellers. Great place to buy used textbooks, and now you can sell them back to Amazon through a special program (also handles DVDs, CDs, video games, etc.)

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  • hgoncalves By  hgoncalves    

    I bought all of my texts book from amazon this semester and I saved a bundle! Almost all of the books came earlier than the predicted delivery dates. I recommended this site to all of the students in my class.

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  • angel4022 By  angel4022    

    I love have shopped here for many years and am always satisfied with the service and products also when I needed to return a product this month, I was very happy with their response to my disatisfaction with the product, Amazon made me very happy when notifying me that they would return and credit my gift certificates that I used to purchase this defective product with and did not require that I should return the product for the full refund, in return I was refunded my gift certificates used for purchase plus my shipping cost. I shall continue my patronage to always.

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  • blessedwithtwo By  blessedwithtwo    

    I just started using Amazon and love it. I do online surveys and receive gift cards for Amazon. So I never pay full price or even nothing at all for some items. But you can find just about everything on this site.

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