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  • momagarry By  momagarry    

    I love all Tide products!

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  • dnabrewer3 By  dnabrewer3    

    Once again, TIDE rules!

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  • sarahwhough By  sarahwhough    

    A wondeful product, with a great smell.

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  • funnyme By  funnyme    

    I must try this! I use febreeze & Tide & love both.

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  • dem3424 By  dem3424    

    LOVE IT. I got it primarily for the clothes that don't go in the dryer. I love the smell.

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  • kathydcat By  kathydcat    

    I do really like this product, but feel it is a little expensive.

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  • MadHatter By  MadHatter    

    I have been using tide since i could remember i did my first load of laundry, and my mum has been using it too. the con about it, is that its pricey...but it smells so good and the clothes come out clean, though other products do promise the same results, i find that tide clothes smell great longer...

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  • bnikki2124 By  bnikki2124    

    I love this product, the smell is amazing! I do a load of laundry everyday if I can just to smell it. The smell lasts also, I can still smell it on my clothes after they have been put away for a week! My husband and I are getting ready to move and the apartment we are in now had their own washer and dryers, however when we move we have to get ours out of storage. I was so afraid they would not make it in HE but they do! It also smells great with the Bounce dryer sheets in the blue box!

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