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  • 1hotlilmama By  1hotlilmama    

    We have nine children. Six of them are boys...we ONLY use tide Sport because it's the only detergent we have found that gets out all the smells and stains we seem to come in contact with. We also have a daughter that has sensitive skin and this detergent doesn't seem to bother her skin at all, which is nice.

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  • grandma8 By  grandma8    

    Love Tide - but do not like scented detergent.

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  • Maryvav57 By  Maryvav57    

    Finally got the hubby to stop buying the cheap stuff that doesn't get clothes clean and ends up costing more in the long run. Great product and I plan on continuing to use it.

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  • marvelousmabe By  marvelousmabe    

    I've used Tide my entire adult life (that's a long time). I really had nothing to compare it to because it was all I used. Recently, I decided to try another brand and it poured out of the jug like water! I will stick with Tide. I also like the concentrate.

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  • staceyannmarie By  staceyannmarie    

    love the febreze factor it makes an already great laundry soap absolutely fabulous better yet downy has a matching fabric softener for a great one two punch to those dirty wears

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  • sageemily2005 By  sageemily2005    

    me being a mother of 5 i need some thing that acts heavy duty and the clothes to end up smelling clean not just any thing does it has to be tide with fabreeze it gets the stinks out..i have a 6 yr old daughter that loves the mud..and 2 teenage boys dirty dirty dirty...then we have a 2 year old that just drops and spills every thing on him..this TIDE with fabreeze is the BEST OF THE BEST its perfect no down falls in this product

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  • TinaRofo By  TinaRofo    

    I love Tide and I really like it with the Febreze. It's a shame that it is so expensive. I always try to use coupons to cut the price. It is well worth it.

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  • Brokengin728 By  Brokengin728    

    I love this detergent! My husband is a mechanic and comes home filthy. I toss his greasy clothes in the wash add this product and they come out clean and fresh ready for another day of work!

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  • colesgrammy By  colesgrammy    

    I've been using other laundry products because of price, but tried this and it's great. Because it's concentrated, it goes further, so it's completely affordable. This is going to be my regular detergent from now on.

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  • sweettart501 By  sweettart501    

    I started out using Gain original scent back in the 80's. When they stopped selling it I was devestated until I came across Tide!! Now I am hooked. Not only does it smell so good but the varieties are excellent! my two favorite ones are the tide with downy and the tide with febreze!! Hope these stay around a very long long time. Tide is best at getting laundry clean and fresh. It may be a bit more expensive but it is worth it!

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  • truckher By  truckher    

    This is a wonderful way to get rid of the greas n grime i bring home on my work clothes. With an overnight soaking it will remove 5th wheel grease, hydraulic oil, & even lube type grease used in heavy equipment. I love this stuff & have used nothing else for years...

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  • justdawnmarie By  justdawnmarie    

    i only use tide. IT is the only thing that I trust to get my families laundry clean. It might seem a bit more expensive at first but you get what you pay for. I will never switch

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  • mazziemae By  mazziemae    

    I have used Tide my whole life. My children better use it to wash my clothes when I no longer can. LOL

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  • my3sons220 By  my3sons220    

    I have used Tide for about 20 yrs now tried other products and everytime I go right back, nothing works better than tide. Leaves your cloths smelling so fresh, and gets the stains out every time. so as I always say if it ain't broke don't fix it. Never change again.

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  • kimm1310 By  kimm1310    

    I love the fact that Downy & Febreze are working together... I've tried a lot of detergents in the past but these two combined leave the freshest scents on the laundry... Even when you go to the laundromat & use the commercial units it works usually you have an odd smell to yous clothes after using the machines there...bottom line is I LOVE IT!!!!

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