CoverGirl Outlast Double Lip Shine

CoverGirl Outlast Double Lip Shine

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I liked the color but that was about it. Unless you constantly apply the clear gloss, it gets very dry and crackly looking.

I love that it had double sided lipshine. Love the color and how nice my lip looked.great product.

It was too goopy when the gloss was applied, once the gloss part wore off then my lips became ashy & cakey. I didn't like it. It was very easy to apply, & the color you sent was also very pretty very springish, but the whole idea was yukky. I tried 3 times just to make sure it wasn't me & it was definately the product. I would not purchase this.

I loved the color and shine it gave my lips. It lasted longer then what I expected it to. I will say it was super hard to get the plastic wrapping off the tube.

I love this lipshine. Works great and lasts for A while longer then most. I love the colors.

I love this product. It leave your lips cool and feel soft. The color lasts along time on your lips!

I remember when Cover Girl came out with an outlast long-lasting lipstick 10 years ago! I used it for prom and the color began flaking off after dinner. I tried this new product for the first time today - going in as a skeptic. I put it on in the morning on my way out to run a whole bunch of errands with my kids. The color was not annoying, which helped when the gloss magnified the color with shine. I looked normal, not too made up and cakey. The color went on smooth, the gloss didn't feel disgustingly sticky. The gloss wore off later on as I was running errands, which is fine as I'm not a huge gloss fan anyway. At dinner time (after I forgot all about the lipcolor), I remembered as I was wiping my mouth that I had applied this product about 8 hours prior. It was still on, not flaking off, and my lips were not chapped. I highly recommend this product to those who have chapped lips and cannot remember to carry around or reapply lip products.

It's the exact same shade as my natural lip color with a shade darker. I love the 295 shade I recieved in my p&g sample kit I used to use cover girl when I was in high school. It's like reuniting with a old love. I also love how long it last as well as the shine factor. one thing negative I would say is the color after a while goes into the clear part and I'm left with a stick that's not clear. wonder if there's a way to fix that. but that don't stop me from giving it 5 stars. I also raved to my friends about this. thanks shespeaks.

I love it. so good and it last longer. shines and well moisturized skin. Love the color. Not sticky like other lip color.

Must say I love how long this really does last. I dont have to apply it all the time like most lipsticks or other "like" products. The sheerly nude color is great. I'm not a very tan person *pretty pale* and it still went well with my skin tone. I've bought covergirl outlast before, but I must say this one is my favorite over all.

I received the CoverGirl Outlast Double Lip Shine in shade Sheerly Nude, #295. COLOR: The color itself is a nicely natural shade of nude that adds a soft, very subtle and pleasant hint of coloring in the buff (warmish tone) mauve family. It went nicely with my very pale skin, and I imagine it would look equally nice with just about all shades of skin. APPLICATION: for step one, I simply applied the color to my lips, then step two, applied the shine sealer. It was very sticky for several seconds, then after about a minute, the stickiness became less noticable and after about 10 minutes, the stickiness was gone completely. PRO'S: What I loved most about this product is the long-lasting color! The color remained and I was very pleased when I checked the mirror to see it still there. CON'S: What I liked least about this product is the fact that this really makes my naturally dry lips feel even dryer, grainy even. However, after applying some lip balm, I was pleased to see that it didn't remove the color, which is important to me and a big plus. FINAL THOUGHTS: This was a real treat for me, and I will likely be trying some of the other colors now that I've had a chance to experience this for myself. Thank you for introducing me to this product, shespeaks and P&G--it was a pleasure to use and one I look forward to telling others about!

I love this lipshine. Works great and lasts for a while. I love the colors.

thank you for allowing me to try this for free PG this CG double lipshine stick is a bit sticky and does dry out my lips so it requires the use of my own lip balm also. But on the flip note the color is amazing and stays and stays and stays!!! Which i love because who wants to reapply every hour so if you don't care that it feels sticky and want amazing outlasting color..that just buy this and use a balm awesome thank you PG and shespeaks i love yas!!

This wins hands-down in the category of lasting the longest. Shortly after applying it I took a shower, washed my face, and brushed my teeth. The color was still on my lips! The color I have is pretty, too. It made my lips feel dry, so I used more of the "shine" part thinking that would add moisture. It didn't, so I ended up using my own lip balm over it. Thank you for allowing me to try this. Its a good one to use at a social gathering or long meeting in which I'm unable to re-apply lip color and don't want to worry about smudging my lip color on glasses, etc.