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  • AndieBuzz By  AndieBuzz    

    MUCH better than traditional feather dusters. I can actually SEE that I'm picking up the dust and that it won't settle back to the same place.

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  • jenuits By  jenuits    

    Although it's not a substitute for a good furniture polish, these are very helpful to dust high shelves and the tops of picture frames with one swipe. I particuarly like them for a quick touch up before company comes or for the top of the fridge which I will never be able to reach without a step ladder.

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  • Nancy1967 By  Nancy1967    

    I bought these two weeks ago. One for my car and one for my home. I absolutely love them. They work great and I can hide it on my carside door and just clean the dirt off my brand new cars black dashboard. Works wonderful and works great on ceiling fans and around all those places it's tough to get into.

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  • lmdionne1126 By  lmdionne1126    

    Love this. Makes dusting a lot more convenient. I prefer the one with the extended handle. Also, the best dusting cloths are the 360 ones. One thing that would be beneficial would be for the pivotal head on the extended handle to be more flexible so that you could dust at more angles. Also, the cloths tear very easily when placing them on the duster and don't stay put well either. However, the convenience of storage, cleaning, and disposal outweigh the negatives of a few needed upgrades.

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  • thriftysoul By  thriftysoul    

    I like this duster - a lot. It grabs the dust without spreading it around and holds on to it for a long time until it absolutely gets full (which takes a while!). It gets into tiny spaces and nooks and crannies you find hard to dust. You'll find dusting goes far faster with Swiffer Dusters. The only issue with this version is that it's not the 360 degree type, so you find yourself twisting and turning to get in and around all the tight spaces and on all sides. That is, until you pay a little more for the Swiffer 360, and then a lot more for the refills...

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  • mellymom28 By  mellymom28    


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  • meditationmama By  meditationmama    

    I used these when I cleaned houses. I still use them when I clean my own house. A little pricey, but worth it.

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  • mewyrick By  mewyrick    

    Love my swiffer dusters.

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  • Charlisha222 By  Charlisha222    

    I love these swiffer dusters. My daughter loves them too, and always asks to help when I get the duster handle out. They are easy to use, and when they are on sale, they are WELL worth the price.

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  • kendra21myers By  kendra21myers    

    I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! I use it in my home and in the homes that I clean! I buy the refills in bulk at Sam's for a small savings.

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  • shardesty By  shardesty    

    i really like that i no longer have to climb on a chair to reach up and dust im only 5'3 so even for just our tv stand i had to climb on a chair to dust it along with some of the shelves we have hanging up but now i dont have to i can just grab my swiffer and go the only complaint is how expensive the refills are after a while i have seem some people on the internet have made washable ones and i am trying to find how to get those i wish swiffer would just make it easier and make them

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  • emeraude By  emeraude    

    I keep a box of refills in the laundry room but I have wands in several rooms. That way, I can just pick up a wand, do a quick once-over, drop the wand, and continue with whatever I came into the room to do. If you do that, a couple of times a week, then you only need to do a more intensive dusting, maybe once a month. That, I like :) (air cleaners help, too, though LOL) I even keep one in the car, under the seat, to do a quick swipe on the dash. The only downside is that the fabric of the duster can stick on rough surfaces or get caught on sharp objects, so do be careful when dusting tzotchkes!

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  • CreativeMamaOnADime By  CreativeMamaOnADime    

    So handy for a quick dust. I have a long handled one that is amazing for tops of door frames, chandeliers, etc. I bought one for work too. A tad expensive and not super happy about using a single use item every time but cheaper than a cleaning lady!

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  • mom14043 By  mom14043    

    I LOVE this product. The Swiffer duster is so handy for doing the fans and shelves. It uses a static cling process to pull the dust off of shelves and my knick knacks. You can also use it on electronics for a quick dry dusting because it fits (almost) anywhere. The price is right and the only downfall to this product is the cost of the refills which I have been able to avoid by buying the refills at Dollar Tree. I would recommend this to anyone. Such a wonderful and useful product.

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