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  • Skailmama0122 By  Skailmama0122    

    All you magazine

    This is one of my favorite magazines. I am a monthly subscriber. It has tons of great recipes, articles, and even coupons!

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  • nannakim94 By  nannakim94    

    Great read!!

    I love this magazine!! It never fails that when I open it I cannot put it down until I've read it from front to back! There is always something new inside that I learn. I enjoy all the fun and exciting things each time and look forward to the next issue!

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  • jannL7 By  jannL7    

    Fun Magazine

    This magazine is a nice light read. I love that it includes a lot of recipes and it also includes coupons. I enjoy reading the articles and I do find them to do informative and helpful. Overall, this is a great magazine to read through if you're looking for ideas on how to save money, find good deals, and get some cooking inspiration.

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  • pandagirl72 By  pandagirl72    

    All You Magazine

    Love the All You Magazine. Great articles. The price is decent. Love the coupons.

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  • themomtip By  themomtip    

    AllYou Magazine

    I love this magazine. So many cute ideas, tips, and ways to save money. If you are interested in couponing or you coupon now, this magazine is a must have. Great recipes and all items are on a budget. Way more saving opportunities in the magazine than it costs you for the subscription.

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  • Catz1727 By  Catz1727    

    upbeat and informative, not real expensive and not full of adds

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  • Jmigli By  Jmigli    


    Always pick one up at the Supermarket. It always has great articles, is priced right and I love the coupons. Wonderful!

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  • heatie115 By  heatie115    

    Love this!

    I love reading the interesting things this magazine has to offer. It has the most creative ideas for crafty, do-it-yourself projects and awesome recipes as well!

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  • GeekyButterfly By  GeekyButterfly    

    All You is for me

    While sometimes it does look cheap (pictures), it's a great magazine! There's no fluff! Each issue is chock full of recipes, tips, coupons and relevant information for middle class families. I love it.

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  • TheCrazyLady By  TheCrazyLady    

    Love it

    cheap magazine loaded with great coupons and awesome articles

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  • Geminidrea77 By  Geminidrea77    

    I love this magazine I was even featured in a back-to-school issue in 2015 that may make me a bit biased but the coupons are awesome, the recipes are easy and tested and the articles are great and informative

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  • happyathomemommy By  happyathomemommy    

    Love this magazine! Always helpful articles in it and I love the added coupons!

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  • karenmiami By  karenmiami    

    one of my favorites

    One of my favorites! great price, great short articles. Will continue reading it!

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  • cormeretrix By  cormeretrix    

    It's fun to read, the stories are shallow feel good pieces that don't require a lot of thought, and I like their entertainment features. Their product suggestions tend to be much more reasonable- and realistic for most of our budgets- than other magazines. Their coupon values have fallen though, and that makes me sad.

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  • sfrantz4 By  sfrantz4    

    All You

    An inexpensive magazine to buy off the stand. Has lots of neat tips and tricks and usually has some good coupons too.

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