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  • khaliQueen By  khaliQueen    

    to be honest its not its best I tried it one time to see if I would purchase it but no I did not like it its too greasy

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  • bbarbiegirl311978 By  bbarbiegirl311978    

    This wouldn't be my first pick but it was just ok!

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  • Jmalinowsky By  Jmalinowsky    

    Definitely not a product I would be likely to purchase again. The color didn't match very well with my skin tone and it felt a bit greasy to me which I don't like because I have extremely oily skin.

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  • RebekahJenkins By  RebekahJenkins    

    Revlon color stay is my everyday foundation! Everyone's skin type is different, but this works so great for me! Would definitely recommend for anyone to try.

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  • Maria12 By  Maria12    

    Greasy and not enough coverage. Hate it. Starts to streak and fade quickly.

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  • Cfount5 By  Cfount5    

    I love this product! Typically with a mineral powder I still feel like I have to use a foundation in order to get the coverage I want. With this I dust it on my face, smooth it up with a powder brush and go. Any thing that cuts the time it takes to do my make up in the morning is highly recommended. The color always blends perfectly with my skin.

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  • magicrip By  magicrip    

    It feels like you don't have any thing on . I like it.

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    Perfect for clear skin. If you are breaking out stick to the original bc it will cover better with less splotches!

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  • jACOBWild By  jACOBWild    

    Not a fan of mineral makeup. Greasy and does not cover much. The hold is horrible. I don't have much luck with Revlon. Smear or smudge from any product of theirs.

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  • Bernadette34 By  Bernadette34    

    I absolutely love this foundation. It applies very smoothly, and it almost felt like a primer in the way that it made my pores disappear. It lasted all day.

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  • Tamiramichelle By  Tamiramichelle    

    Visibly reduces the look of skin imperfections, wonderful to use in summer time. Shimmery and gorgeous glow is left

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  • Maricarmen23 By  Maricarmen23    

    I love this foundation it doesn't leave my face looking caked up like other foundations do.

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  • kaylasho By  kaylasho    

    I thought it was just 'ok' for the price. not my favorite

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  • c_mazahir By  c_mazahir    

    I have been wanting to use Mineral foundations and just opted to try this one out. Have been using this foundation since several weeks and have noticed the slight shimmer but that is what makeup does, the "shimmer" reflects the light to minimize any imperfections of your skin. I have found that you cannot use a different type of concealer or pressed powder with it. I apply my concealer after my foundation and I found that it turned the color of the mineral makeup and got cakey where I had applied the concealer. It does have good effective coverage, but be sure not to use too much as the more you apply the darker your tone will become. I think it's quicker too than applying a liquid foundation, then concealer, then pressed powder. It doesn't have impressive staying power, however I've heard of a trick of misting hairspray in the air and then putting your face through the mist that seems to help your makeup last longer, but this doesn't work for everyone. Hope this helps you!

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  • Kirangulalaye By  Kirangulalaye    

    Full coverage and it stays Mate I love it

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