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  • Rjack79 By  Rjack79    

    This has so many different setting. You can do just about everything with it. I love making chicken and rice dishes in it. Cooks so quickly even if meat is frozen.

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  • jessicamac By  jessicamac    

    Starting to figure it out

    This was a little hard to use it first. Many of the recipes that I wanted to make required using the saute function before sealing the lid and using pressure, which take a lot more time. Have started to find some recipes that work, and it also works ok as a rice cooker, and to crank out a ton of hard boiled eggs at the same time.

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  • orchidlady01 By  orchidlady01    

    Good to have

    I like using the Instant Pot, especially for hard boiled eggs and pot roast. It's easy to use. The stainless steel pot usually needs soaking afterwards to help remove stuck on food which is why I gave it 2/5 stars.

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  • selene By  selene    

    freesamplewithout spending shipping cost

    freesample without spending shiping cost of cookinof food low in fat

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  • Harmony77 By  Harmony77    

    Instant pot- instant dinner!

    I love my instant pot! I use it almost daily. I throw in everything at once, push a button- dinner is done and tastes great! I have one complaint about the seal , mine went bad fairly quickly and I had to replace it. The same thing happened to my friends instant pot, and it's not a huge issue but I hope they're looking into it.

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  • Pinkprincess717 By  Pinkprincess717    

    Absolutely Amazing

    I am so happy with all the options I can do with this pressure cooker! I have made a lot of soups! I have made a beef stew with carrots, celery, and potatoes! I am also going to use it for canning tomatoes! I like the digital display on it! The lid is easy to take off, put on, and lock it! This is a wonderful kitchen accessory to have! Super easy to clean! I like that you can put it in the dishwasher!

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  • eac62387 By  eac62387    


    This is perfect for when I get home from work to make delicious quick meals!

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  • jenni104 By  jenni104    

    Learning curve

    I am use to a stove top pressure cooker and thought this would be an easy switch to something that would do more than just pressure cooking, since it has different settings, but I am still not as comfortable with it as I am my old pressure cooker. I also wish it came with a better variety of recipes to start off with. The ones that came with it do not fit my families tastes. It is also a lot smaller than my pressure cooker, ( I have the 6qt instant pot) I guess it is a good kitchen item and I just have to get use to it. Love that I can make yogurt in it, even if I haven't done so well with that yet LOL I will get it all under control one day.

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  • tailormade By  tailormade    


    I could not be more thankful to my MIL for buying this for me. As a full time working mother of 2, this is a LIFE SAVER.

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  • AmAtHome By  AmAtHome    

    Not What I Expected, But Awesome!

    Overall, I think that I was expecting to cook in this more like a slow cooker but faster. I'd never used a pressure cooker before, either. So, that being said I have found several things I love to use this for. I recommend reading the manual, watch some videos, and maybe join a Facebook group to get the feel for using it if you are new to it. Excellent for ribs, eggs, artichokes especially.

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  • simbalala By  simbalala    

    Instant pot has been so popular now, it is the best innovative kitchen product. It is pressure cooker with pre controls. The food cooks fast and it has the best texture and taste. You dump everything in it and select the pre control like rice, soup, beans, porridge and cake and so on. You can even make yogurt in it.

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