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  • DandVsFamily By  DandVsFamily    

    Great in between training cup

    These are by far the best cups I have ever owned! I love how easy they are to take apart and clean and they are a fantastic cup to use in between a sippy cup and teaching your toddler how to drink from a big boy or big girl cup.

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  • Homeschoolmomma By  Homeschoolmomma    

    Best Sippy Cups Ever

    Love these cups and only wish I would have known about them for my first child. My first born struggled with transitioning from his sippy cup to a regular cup. With the 360 Trainer Cup, my daughter easily transitions to regular cups at 18 months already. What a difference. We never had issues with leaking unless she started chewing on the top while she was teething. I highly recommend these cups.

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  • SoniaSua By  SoniaSua    

    Overall a good cup

    Since buying this cup it has been our go to cup for my 11 month old son. While we really enjoy it I?d like to mention it does leak at times and can still drip even when tipped to the side.

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  • Crunchymama09 By  Crunchymama09    

    My favorite cups for my kids!

    I've used these cups with all 3 of my children. They are life savers for carpeted floor and also for car rides. Only cups I use.

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  • GIRL2014rt By  GIRL2014rt    


    I absolutely love these for my kids. They are very useful for small kids.

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  • artemisa24 By  artemisa24    

    My daughter started using it at 5 months, and she did not like it because she did not like that she could not drink from it and the flow for her was to slow.

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  • momof3nuggets By  momof3nuggets    

    Winner in our home!

    Love this cup in my home! I have 2 toddlers, a 6 week old and I just found out i'm pregnant again so we'll be using these cups for a long time. They don't spill, easy to use and wonderful for the kids. Love the color variety as well and easy to clean.

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  • Destinie By  Destinie    

    Leaks after a few washes

    I gotten this for my toddler started out good then after a few washes it started leaking every time she used it

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  • Lilybug24 By  Lilybug24    


    This is an awesome idea and maybe she just hasnt gottwn the hang of it but my daughter pinched the top and spilled it everywhere

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  • Kededraw By  Kededraw    

    Great transition cup

    Perfect for transitioning. My daughter has been learning how to drink out of these cups and it's going a lot better than a lot of sippy cups i have used

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  • shelby_neal8792 By  shelby_neal8792    

    Awesome for teeth and transition to regular cup!

    I have bought several 360 cups for my toddler and we love them! Though they do have their pros and cons, for the most part everything is good! They have been a life saver on my kiddos teeth and have also helped transition to an actual regular cup! Also easy to dissemble and clean. Cons, they do wear down fast which if thrown on the ground hard enough they do leak. Also the seal that are on the lid that keep it separate from the cup and lid it?s clear, you have to remove that every time you clean or else gunk will build up in it and bacteria and no one wants that for their babies! Other than that it?s been a life saver for my kiddo! Easy to learn, awesome color selection, not to bad in price! I would recommend the item!

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  • thriftyqueen1992 By  thriftyqueen1992    

    Must have sippy cup

    This cup is amazing! My son used it for a couple years instead of sippy cups. He even prefered this cup over regular sippys. I could not say anything but good for this product. This is a must have for parents everywhere!

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  • Amandajbowen By  Amandajbowen    


    I absolutely love these cups I bought one for my daughter after a friend recommended it to me and she loves it. I couldn't get her to drink out of any other cup and it started to frustrate me this cup saved me I would and do recommend these to all my mommy friends!!!

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  • Momto2ls By  Momto2ls    

    This is a great cup when you are wanting your child to learn how to drink out of a cup. We struggled with it leaking when thrown around and it took a long time for our daughter to understand how it worked.

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  • Jwyatt2328 By  Jwyatt2328    

    Perfect for transiting from bottle to cup

    This is my favorite transitioning cup!!! My baby absolutely loves it and so do I!!! There are no spills with this cup and easy to grasp and hold for tiny hands.

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