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  • RJNessing By  RJNessing    


    Probably my favorite diaper for newborns! Looks cozy and keeps leaks in I would recommend this to a friend searching for the right diaper

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  • Alysonlewis4 By  Alysonlewis4    

    Thank goodness for Huggies

    I have twins and we go through SOOOO many diapers. Huggies are my go to diapers to say the least. Reliable, soft, absorbent. We keep our house fully stocked with these at all times.

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  • Sashashep By  Sashashep    

    They're nice but too pricey

    I mean, they work but they are super overpriced. I have used Pampers, luvs, walmart brand, aldi brand and even tried cloth diapering. I've liked luvs the best, walmart brand is a close second. They provide the same form and function for sometimes up to 50% less.

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  • Kfisher93 By  Kfisher93    

    Not for us

    Sorry but I do not like huggies. The diapers and also the wipes just never worked for my kids. Not good quality and not worth the price.

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  • Cagalli33 By  Cagalli33    

    Huggies fan

    Well for someone who is frugal as me, I am a permanent fan of this diaper. My baby has been using this since she was born up until now. It is very comfortable and the price is just right, can't say it's cheap. 😅😅😅 But the price is great for its quality. Sometimes, mothers would point out the diaper rash due to the diaper, but actually, there are lots of reasons for it. One is we haven't changed the diaper for quite some time, second, the size is not right so it is too tight, third when we change diaper we forget to dry the area first before we cover it, fourth because of the season that makes our baby perspire more, fifth because of the choice of foods we feed them. I guess what I'm trying to say is, we need to be factual in everything before we point fingers to one product. Sometimes our practices are the reason.

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  • Jessiretzi By  Jessiretzi    

    We only use Huggies diapers for our 1 year old. Cheaper than pampers, and they work better for our guy. In Huggies, I?ve noticed his bum does not get as red like it does in other brands. Luvs are the worst for him because the friction from him trying to run rips the diaper on the inside leaving that goo all over him. It has never happened in his Huggies.

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  • Amieconway22 By  Amieconway22    


    Too many chemicals are in these diapers gave my daughter a diaper rash like a chemical burn!

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  • momof3nuggets By  momof3nuggets    


    Love these diapers! They work wonderfully for my 6 week old. No leaks or blow outs.... knock on wood!

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  • Kayrogers By  Kayrogers    


    Huggies never worked for my kids. It didn't matter how little they peed it would go right through. I have other parents tell me it did wonders for they're children. Maybe it's just my kids.

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  • Candycorniskool By  Candycorniskool    

    Great product but luvs are cheaper and work just as good so buy luvs parents cuz huggies are twice the price

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  • Erikam320 By  Erikam320    

    Very comfortable for my baby

    Very good diapers so soft and cozy for my baby ❤💙reaches all my expectations of a good diaper😊

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  • Kededraw By  Kededraw    

    Great diapers

    Probably the best diapers i have ever used. I tried differently diapers even pampers and none compared to this specific diaper. It is soft and doesn't leak.

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  • Luvmytater By  Luvmytater    


    I love how these diapers feel and fit. Great for little one that aren't walking yet.

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  • Phumzi By  Phumzi    


    Huggies is the great choice for me and I love this brand is affordable.

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  • shelby_neal8792 By  shelby_neal8792    

    Huggies are fantastic!

    Huggies were a great choice for my youngest daughter as they were the only diaper she could use until potty trained! Huggies are very durable, great for sensitivity, and mobility. The price is a little high but totally worth it when it comes to your child not having a raw bottom and not leaking everywhere! They have several adorable designs and fit amazing! All huggies products are wonderful and I highly recommend them to anyone!

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