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  • momof3nuggets By  momof3nuggets    


    Love these diapers! They work wonderfully for my 6 week old. No leaks or blow outs.... knock on wood!

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  • Kayrogers By  Kayrogers    


    Huggies never worked for my kids. It didn't matter how little they peed it would go right through. I have other parents tell me it did wonders for they're children. Maybe it's just my kids.

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  • Candycorniskool By  Candycorniskool    

    Great product but luvs are cheaper and work just as good so buy luvs parents cuz huggies are twice the price

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  • Erikam320 By  Erikam320    

    Very comfortable for my baby

    Very good diapers so soft and cozy for my baby ❤💙reaches all my expectations of a good diaper😊

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  • Kededraw By  Kededraw    

    Great diapers

    Probably the best diapers i have ever used. I tried differently diapers even pampers and none compared to this specific diaper. It is soft and doesn't leak.

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  • Luvmytater By  Luvmytater    


    I love how these diapers feel and fit. Great for little one that aren't walking yet.

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  • Phumzi By  Phumzi    


    Huggies is the great choice for me and I love this brand is affordable.

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  • shelby_neal8792 By  shelby_neal8792    

    Huggies are fantastic!

    Huggies were a great choice for my youngest daughter as they were the only diaper she could use until potty trained! Huggies are very durable, great for sensitivity, and mobility. The price is a little high but totally worth it when it comes to your child not having a raw bottom and not leaking everywhere! They have several adorable designs and fit amazing! All huggies products are wonderful and I highly recommend them to anyone!

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  • Liongal80 By  Liongal80    

    Not so good

    Not a fan of Huggies diapers. They did not work for our little one and did not hold very well through the night. They also leave a smell behind and not a huge fan of these. Would not purchase.

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  • PassionMeThis By  PassionMeThis    

    The only diaper that works for my baby!

    Love these, they never leak and don't give my little one a rash. I also appreciate that there are always huggies coupons available online.

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  • abrattin By  abrattin    


    I tried these with my oldest being a first time mom an all and they caused irritation so bad it was as if they burnt him.

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  • Kfreezy730 By  Kfreezy730    

    My favorite diapers EVER!

    I tried out all the different brands when I had my oldest daughter but have stuck with huggies for all three kids consistently! Pampers gives them rashes and Luvs always leak. Huggies snugglers are soft and absorbent, my absolute favorite!

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  • motherinthemountains By  motherinthemountains    

    Good quality

    This is one of the few brands that doesn't seem to cause a rash on my baby's bum. They're super soft and don't leak.

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  • MissBabble By  MissBabble    

    Best Diaper Brand Ever!

    Overall the best diapers ever. I've had trouble in the past with other brands but luckily this one was perfect. The straps don't fall off and they keep my baby's bottom dry and clean and there cute so a bonus. Moveable and breathable.

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  • Ljreed337 By  Ljreed337    

    My Favorite!

    Out of 4 kids (2 in diapers) I would prefer Huggies over all other diapers! They literally NEVER leak! I xan put one on with confidence it will last my little through the night and through sleeping late(as I am a late sleeper) :)

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