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  • jenni104 By  jenni104    

    It Works!!

    This actually works on my migraines, I am amazed at how it helps alleviate the headaches, and is really the only thing that will lesson them if not rid me of one just starting. I make sure I have it in home for the all too frequent migraine. Thank you Excederin!!

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  • Cdettra By  Cdettra    

    I?ve never been diagnosed with a migraine but sometimes I get a headache that just won?t go away with a regular pain reliever. I?ll take one of these and my headache disappears in minutes

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  • deidremelvin By  deidremelvin    


    I get migraines really bad, and often. Once I get a migraine I have it for about 3-4 days and they are serious. I feel sick and sometimes I vomit because they are that bad. Excedrin is the only thing that works for me, and works quickly. Once I take one and sit for a little bit, could be about 15 minutes or so the migraine is good. If you have headaches and migraines all the time or any time this is the product for you. Trust ME!

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  • HollyKay1 By  HollyKay1    

    Good for catching a migraine when it first starts

    I am a migraine sufferer and usually have to take a prescription med to get rid of my migraine so I try not to let it get that far. If I take Excedrin Migraine and drink some Coca Cola (Coke brand), and catch the migraine before it gets full blown, I have found that this works for the majority of the time.

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  • hannahroy66 By  hannahroy66    

    This is one of the only medications that helps take away my migraines! Even my fancy prescribed meds don't work as well as this.

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  • mybluefairy By  mybluefairy    

    The best medicine for your headache

    Our office has a "community Excedrin Migraine". We all share the same bottle. And the stuff WORKS. When that brain pressure starts to bring you down and you can't stare at the computer starts to appear blurry, go pop two of these candy coated (it seems like) pills and in less than half an hour you are going to feel so much better! I just noticed our "community" bottle is getting low so we are going to have to purchase another bottle. Nothing works like Excedrin migraine. Good stuff.

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  • salahelleinad By  salahelleinad    

    works fast

    excedrin is the only head pain medication that works for me and works fast

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  • leahgabrielle By  leahgabrielle    

    Works Wonders

    I have had migraines a lot in the past and I started taking this every time I needed relief and let me tell ya, it WORKS. I have never had such good relief from using an over the counter medicine.

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  • BobbieC By  BobbieC    

    Best migraine relief.

    My husband and I both suffer from headaches. Excedrin Migraine is the only thing that will help make it go away. I keep a bottle in our bedroom, kitchen and in the car.

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    Headache relief

    I don't suffer from migaines but still prefer to use Excedrin for headaches. The combination of aspirin, acetaminophen and caffine seems to be the best cure. And the caplets are easy to swallow.

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  • aussiethumper By  aussiethumper    

    Over the counter works for me now

    My neurologist instructed me to stop taking Treximet due to the side effects at my age (44) & instead take Excedrine Migraine. I was skeptical because over the counter didn't work for me when I was younger. It took a couple of migraines and the first time I had to take the total of 6 over a period of 24 hrs before my migraine went away. Now I only have to take the 1st dose.

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  • Rademah By  Rademah    

    #1 Migraine Medicine EVER

    For years, I have suffered from chronic migraines, and no pain medation could relieve the pain until I heard about and tried Exedrin Migraine. THIS MEDICINE WORKS LIKE MAGIC and relieves my migraines everytime. I highly recommend this product to EVERYONE who suffers from migraines and is looking for pain relief!!

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