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  • turkoise By  turkoise    

    Good Kids Movie

    This was a cute movie for the kids. It was ok for the adults.

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  • Lizzy33dona_picks By  Lizzy33dona_picks    

    Awesome movie! MY two boys love it! It?s always a good flick to watch with the family. My youngest has a movie blanket that he looks sleeps with every night.

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  • Libbyrose16 By  Libbyrose16    

    Love It!

    This is a great movie for the entire family. Its super funny and also extremely cute!

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  • Eddie1991 By  Eddie1991    

    My boys loved it!

    We just finished watching this movie! I loved it so did my boys! Waiting on the 2nd part!

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  • Brittbrat1012 By  Brittbrat1012    

    Fun movie for kids and adults alike!

    Is a cute and funny movie my 3 year old loved it for the longest time so much so that it was very over played... Husband and I find Kevin hart aka snowball to be the funniest and best character he makes it enjoyable for adults, while still being an appropriate movie for younger children.

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  • Jburdge2012 By  Jburdge2012    

    My children love this movie. Every animal has a unique personality which really brings the movie to life and fun for children.

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  • Neen215 By  Neen215    

    Adorably Clever Movie!

    This is the perfect movie for the whole family. My kids have watched this movie about 112 times, literally. But I don't mind it at all. It's full of clever low-key adult humor and adorable funny moments for the kiddies, while maintaining a good storyline too. Great for all ages!

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  • AcrosstheAvenue By  AcrosstheAvenue    

    Great movie for kids

    This movie is adorable! We use it in our pediatric group sessions to discuss 'reading emotions' with our kiddos who have difficulty in this area.

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  • heather326 By  heather326    

    Such a fun movie. My kids actually learned how "old" animals can get so jealous of new! but we have now seen this movie at least a dozen times

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  • Courtlawton By  Courtlawton    

    Recommend with kids!

    We love this movie. I appreciate how it shows the main dogs eventually coming together. And its funny with some low key adult humor!

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  • Jwyatt2328 By  Jwyatt2328    

    Perfect for the whole family

    This is perfect for kids and parents. I enjoyed watching it with my kids and may have laughed more than them!

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  • andreanaemily By  andreanaemily    

    Saw this for my birthday last year,it was okay...funny and cute movie. great for kids

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  • kscorey By  kscorey    

    The Secret Life of Pets

    This movie is absolutely adorable! It mirrors exactly what you would expect your pets to be like when you're not home. It is filled with cute and funny moments while still having an interesting plot line. I would recommend this movie, even for adults!

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  • shespeakshermind By  shespeakshermind    

    Great family movie! This movie is very funny especially if you have pets.

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  • Wifnmum By  Wifnmum    

    This is a cute and entertaining movie for children and for parents.

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