McDonald's French Fries

McDonald's French Fries

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Not the best but not the worst It really depends on the location you go to, hit or miss. They're good fresh and lightly salted. I'd much rather other fast food chain fries 🍟 but McDonald's doesn't do too bad (if they aren't stale and cold)

I'm a huge fan of french fries so i purchase fries almost everywhere i go Mcdonald's especially but they have to be fresh and just coming out of the grease.

Good snack These defentaily aren't healthy for you but i love dipping them in honey mustard!

Fries I love mcdonalds French fries! As long as there cooked right an not to crispy. Also as long as there is not alot of salt on them. Sometimes the person cooking puts way to much salt.

Mc Donalds French fries are my favorite fries as far as fast food goes. What i dont like is they over salt them so much to the point where there inedible but there not often to oily or greasy which is nice. Now naturally its fast food so there super unhealthy but its okay to indulge once and a while.

I'm Lovin It McDonald's fries have a distinct taste from the other fast food fries. They are delicious if cooked properly and salted appropriately. Yum!

Fries I like McDonald's french fries. They are my favorite when they're not cold. Nothing worse than cold fries.

2nd best Mcdonalds has the second best fries. I love how salty they are. I would rather have the fries than I would the burgers, especially dipped in hot mustard.

Good for your tastebuds; not good for your heart I have to admit. I really love McDonalds french fries. I always have. I love the saltiness and the not quite crispy texture. There are no other fries out there like McDonalds. You can tell with your eyes closed the difference between other french fries. Now, I went on a diet for several weeks and ate ONLY fresh foods. When I had a few McDonalds fries they tasted nasty to me. So that is the difference between the normal way of American eating. My regular every day diet loves it. They are salty, full of calories and yummy, oily goodness. But if you are trying to live a heart healthy life, steer clear. They certainly can't be doing good things for your blood vessels!

hmm fries I love french fries and whenever I go to McDonalds I will get it , tastes so good I know it is not healthy but so are all the junk foods!

Crunchy and Salty I have always loved McDonald's french fries over most fast food. Mainly because they have a faint crunch and if salted correctly its a wonderful combination.

Everything in monderation I only go about once a month since I know these aren't healthy, but they are very good fries.

Sometimes great Giving the fries 4 stars because sometimes they are fantastic, other times.....meh. To solve the inconsistencies, I always order fries with no salt so that they will be fresh and hot when I get my meal. Otherwise sometimes they are lukewarm and way too salty. McDonald's fries are still my favorite.

My favorite These are my absolute favorite french fries if they wasnt so fatning i would eat them everyday

McDonald's Fries Best fries you can ever get! They can't be beat . Add salt even better or dip in ranch dressing.