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  • darianweaver By  darianweaver    


    Smells great but I HATED using this. No lather at all, I felt like I had to wash myself over and over to get clean. I was so happy to use it up and throw it away. Will never buy again.

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  • stephag1990 By  stephag1990    

    Smells Amazing!

    Olay Fresh Outlast Cooling White Strawberry & Mint Body Wash smells amazing! It moisturizes my skin and I love using it every day to feel clean & smell of this wonderful scent.

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  • feeshea By  feeshea    

    Strawberries yum

    This Olay has such a great smell. I love the strawberry scent. It lathers great , and I like the color of the body wash. The body wash moisturizes leaving my skin soft and smelling great. I will definitely buy more of this body wash.

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  • rustyfan By  rustyfan    

    Great refreshing scent

    Awesome scent. The special wasn't overwhelming or perfumery. It was a refreshing way to wake up in the morning

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  • jessicahjonessmile By  jessicahjonessmile    


    I've tried every scent and this is one of my favorites! Long lasting and the smells just takes you away.

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  • Leslie_emme77 By  Leslie_emme77    

    Received Olay in a gift set for Christmas and I can tell you there's absolutely nothing left because I used it all up and the body lotion that came with it in less than 2 weeks! So fruity and cooling to my skin. Great product, moisturizes my skin very well.

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  • sally22 By  sally22    


    I love olay, no matter what product they make it WORKS..the fresh scent,the lather,the softness all made for a great washing experence,felt so fresh and clean

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  • AnonEmus By  AnonEmus    

    So fresh and so clean clean

    Dont know where theyre putting the mint, but I didnt smell it at all. Just like strawberries. I loved the way it made half of my house smell after I was done showering.

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  • Geneva225 By  Geneva225    

    Great product

    This product is nice it's lathers very good I really enjoy this in the shower. You can use a quarter amount size an that just about gets the job done.

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  • astrid7396 By  astrid7396    

    Smells great!

    This smells so great! Feels great on the skin! It mainly smells like strawberries without the mint

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  • risycat By  risycat    

    This is really nice body wash! It smells great and my skin feels soft after I use it

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  • 16chrisk By  16chrisk    

    Love it

    I love olay!!!! It smells sooooo good and feels great on my skin

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  • Scottgirl78 By  Scottgirl78    

    Good Quality body wash

    I love this body wash! It smells good and cleanses really well. It lathers up good and rinses clean. It doesn't leave any type residue yet it makes my skin feel clean and soft. This a good quality body wash and I would recommend purchasing it.

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  • Anjela By  Anjela    

    I love Olay!Smells great and leaves your skin with just the right moisture.

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  • busymom_28 By  busymom_28    

    Smells amazing

    I just love the smell of this body wash. This also washes away great and leaves skin do soft.

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