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  • SOrtolano By  SOrtolano    

    teething Giraffe

    My son loves this giraffe! Loves to chew and bite on the legs! No issues with cleaning it yet.. but I haven?t submerged it in water.

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  • GIRL2014rt By  GIRL2014rt    


    I got this at my baby shower and I'm in love with it

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  • ashley1988 By  ashley1988    

    i love it

    my kids love toys including this would love to try some we will give great reviews i have 3 kids

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  • mcgillda By  mcgillda    

    Cute but Pricey

    My daughter got this before my grandson waa born. It was his favorite when he was a baby.

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  • Kclift By  Kclift    

    Adorable, but a More Afforable Version is Avail

    I don't normally like to add less than 4/5 stars, but I have to give you a mom to parent review on this. Sofie is adorable and is very trendy, but for the price, you can get the GaGa Elephant teether from target for half the price, and it's exactly the same material. We had a Sofie for my first son, but realized this and just got a GaGa for my second, and believe me, he didn't care :)

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  • Cmellone By  Cmellone    


    I think the idea of this toy is great, though I know some moms were having issues where they were finding mold inside them. I personally didnt have any problems but as a preventative I did toss ours out. The giraffe is super adorable, and helped with teething issues so that's a bonus.

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  • MarcieinMommyland By  MarcieinMommyland    

    Not a good fit for us

    I love the idea of Sophie and she?s quite cute but neither of my kids used her. Very expensive to not get any use.

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  • Hmlovern1987 By  Hmlovern1987    

    Not a hit in our home.

    Sophie wasn't a huge hit on our home, unfortunately. I had high hopes for this giraffe as our son was having a little trouble while teething and with other reviews raving about how great it was I finally decided to break down and buy one. The texture itself isn't very bad, however, Sophie is a very very hard teether that doesn't give even just a little bit and smelled like rubber even after cleaning over and over and over then you have to be extra careful not to allow water to seep in or it could get moldy. My son had a hard time trying to find a position to actually chew on the teether as how the legs are so close together it was quite difficult. He definitely preferred his other teethers to Sophie.

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  • Tolbert11 By  Tolbert11    


    Love this giraffe! It is not only cute! But perfect for little hands, both my kids enjoyed chewing her!

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  • durreadan By  durreadan    

    too pricey

    its a cute toy but it does not really do much as a teether. my son didn't really use it as a teether he just played with it. bit too pricey in my opinion.

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  • madina89 By  madina89    

    Not that good..

    The giraffe looks cute. But kids never liked it. I always tried to give it to them , well , because it was a little expensive.. but they never wanted it .. it was just a regular rubber toy for them. Plus , i had an issue with the black spot dye coming out, and fading ....

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  • sstory By  sstory    

    Sophie was a lifesaver when our kid was teething. It took her a while to figure out Sophie squeaks so it made for a nice toy that alleviate pain for her. We were grateful to have Sophie!

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  • BostonMama84 By  BostonMama84    


    Well after hearing some good things about this Sophie teether giraffe, I decided to dish out the $29. I had high hopes for it until i kept noticing my infant making faces everytime she would try to chew on it. Then inevitably have no further interest. I kept trying to give it to her but things didnt change except her gagging everytime she put it in her mouth, or try to atleast. Its so big, the rubber is very hard and unforgiving, plus due to the legs being so close together, she couldn't really position it correctly to get enough in her mouth for a good chew. Instead you need to put a large area at one time, like all 4 legs or the head, so she was choking on that. Secondly I realized she made those faces & didnt like it also because it smells terrible! It has a bold chemical rubber smell. Also you need to be so careful of not getting that little hole wet or else it can get mold &/or stagnant water inside and the rubber itself is easy to have dust, hairs or such cling to it. Not a fan. Very dissapointed. Wish i coukd get my money back.

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  • Classysarah By  Classysarah    

    My son didn't enjoy this at all, I ended up giving it to my dogs and they loved it

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  • Xashleycherix By  Xashleycherix    

    Not worth the hype

    Although this item is adorable, it is very pricey and my son didn't seem to like it very much. It smells like rubber no matter how many times I washed it and it tasted like rubber gloves. No wonder my son didnt like it. I would not recommend this product considering I paid over 20 dollars for it.

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