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  • Myeisha By  Myeisha    

    This carrier is lightweight, very comfortable and durable. Really made life easier.

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  • sgordon38 By  sgordon38    

    I have the Baby Bjorn- active carrier and it's by far the best carrier in comparison to several others I have. My baby seems to agree with me too! The instructions are simple, the straps are easy to adjust, and my husband can put it on as well. I wear this grocery shopping, shopping, to the park for hours and I have never experienced back pain! I love love love the Baby Bjorn!

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  • jessica88 By  jessica88    

    I have the classic baby bjorn carrier and I don't like it for a couple of reasons, 1; because I feel it digs into my shoulders and they start hurting and aching, my baby is only a couple months old so she is not heavy! 2; sometimes I have a hard time putting on the straps without them folding in the back. It is convenient to use instead of a bulky stroller and heavy car seat but that's it.

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  • melmck2 By  melmck2    

    This carrier is superior to others because it supports your back when you are carrying the baby. You can carry the baby facing in or out and getting the baby in and out of the carrier is very simple and quick. I much prefer this carrier over any other.

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