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  • Newmommy6315 By  Newmommy6315    

    Everyone says that diaper pails are a waste of money ( well at least the old school parents) but I knew I wanted it on my registry we received this one. It does the job. It conceals the unwanted scents in my sons room and is easy to dispose and use.

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  • mamapg By  mamapg    

    We got this diaper pail to use with our first child. While it worked well and maintained odors concealed initially. After about 6months, the room the pail was in would stink. We even bought a new one, and same thing, after only 2 months (with two kids now), stink would become apparent in the room. We ended up just tossing the diaper pail and putting diapers in the outside trash right away. A bit inconvenient, but preferable to a poop smelling house! This pail works ok for the first few months of one newborn poos-- but it will not contain poop smell once your baby starts eating solids-- it gets ultra stinky then!

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  • catpowell91 By  catpowell91    

    This diaper pail is amazing! Not only does it fit in with any decor, but it really does keep the odors trapped! I love how the lines are so easy to change. I can even change them with one hand and my squirmy baby in my other arm! I love that every single time I close the lid, it dispenses baking soda so the odors are really kept in check.

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  • Tiwh77 By  Tiwh77    

    This diaper pail is great. I have used it for a couple of years and masks the smell great.

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  • corinnab By  corinnab    

    Keeps smells at bay only issue refills to expensive

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  • buntnikk By  buntnikk    

    When I firt purchased this it worked awesome at not allowing odors in the room. I never smelled any diapers!! Even when opening it to put a new diaper in. Two years later I changed the baking soda and started using it for my baby and It no longer masks the smell. I am not sure why but it does not -the bags to buy are a bit pricey considering how often you have to replace them. The amount of diapers is for newborn size only-it will hold less diapers the larger they are.

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  • shrout319 By  shrout319    

    Love this diaper pail. It works really well and it's simple to use. The bags for this diaper pail aren't that expensive and they are also very easy to put in the pail. I like that you can put baking soda in the container on the lid so it will stay fresh.

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  • alichristine25 By  alichristine25    

    I bought this because of the great price and I've used it for two years now. Easy to use, fits lots of diapers.

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  • Sassbar22 By  Sassbar22    

    I am so glad I received a diaper pail for my baby shower. This thing is a life saver! I definitely recommend all new moms get one.

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  • Jollymommy By  Jollymommy    

    I am a new mom and I didn't think I needed a diaper pail because I thought a trash can would do me fine, but now I am glad that I received this at my baby shower. It has a canister that you fill with baking soda and attach to the top of the lid. Every time you close the lid it disperses baking soda into the bag and then the bag is sealed. It really cuts down the odors. i did not give this 5 stars because you really need their bags in order for this to work effectively which means more money out of your pocket. Other than that this product is something I have recommended to my friends that are new mom.

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