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NCIS one of the best for both cast and writers We have watched NCIS from the beginning,. It has a terrific cast. Even when one actor leaves, the actor who thaes their place meshes in well with the cast. The writers for this show have done a terrific job using the actors to their best advantage.

Great show! I enjoy watching episodes of NCIS, it's a really great show. The characters are amazing. I can't say it's my favorite one because NCIS: Los Angeles is my favorite and I love to watch it more.

OMG! I love this show. Gibbs and Abby are the best. This show is a great way to unwind and learn a few things that you may not have know about any of the armed services. 100% love this show.

Favorite NCIS NCIS is one of the shows that I watch regularly and cannot miss an episode of. I love Gibbs and the lines/stories that they have created for him. The show is always throwing something new into the mix. Although I will miss Tony's character, I can't wait to see what the next season brings.

Love the a how and the cast. It does not have a lot of unneeded sex and violence as much of tv today does and always a good story line.

I've seen every episode and I love it but the newer ones aren't the same. The plots seem repeated and tired. I still love watching the reruns though!!

Great characters with lots of intense interaction and something new to experience with every episode.

One of the most clever and sophisticated TV series ever.. The characters cooperate perfectly.. The unstoppable dinozo, the mysterious gybs and the wonderful Abby are the most outstanding characters!!!

This is a classic! I could watch reruns of this series all day long!

I loved this show when it first started. Both my husband and myself watched it every week. I lost interest in it, but my husband kept on watching every week. He says it is getting more interesting, but I have never gone back to it.

This is a good show. Been watching it for years. Love the characters

I have watched this show from the beginning. It is starting to loose my attention because the plots are getting boring. Mark Harmon is great!

great story development

This a great crime show. My husband and I enjoy this show together every week. Tuesday night is our TV night for both NCIS shows.

I really enjoy this show...have watched it for several years now....