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Love the a how and the cast. It does not have a lot of unneeded sex and violence as much of tv today does and always a good story line.

One of the most clever and sophisticated TV series ever.. The characters cooperate perfectly.. The unstoppable dinozo, the mysterious gybs and the wonderful Abby are the most outstanding characters!!!

It is realistic and exciting

love this show

I love this show and all the cast. It has good story lines and keeps you hooked in every show! Its a can't miss show.

This a great crime show. My husband and I enjoy this show together every week. Tuesday night is our TV night for both NCIS shows.

great story development

I can not miss this show! I watch it over and over. I love the story line and the characters.

Awesome. Keeps me hooked every week. I have all 10 seasons on DVD. Love them all.

This is a classic! I could watch reruns of this series all day long!

How could any one not love this show.

From great to meh This used to be one of my favorite shows to watch and many characters have come and gone over the years. It was hard though when Abby's character left. The whole dynamic of the show changed and it's just not as enjoyable anymore.

Interesting watch, I like it when they have more personal shows and not just a dead marine.

My husband and I love this show. It is amongst the top 10 shows ever that we tune in. All of the characters are interesting and the show would not be the same without one of them. The writers know what to do to keep your interest.

Great characters with lots of intense interaction and something new to experience with every episode.