Keurig B70 Platinum

Keurig B70 Platinum

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My fiancee's mom has this Keurig and I used to use it a lot before she moved away. I give it 3 stars because it takes a little to heat the water and I am not too fond of the cup sizes on it. I understand that it isn't supposed to fill the cup in order to leave room for creamer. I just don't think it ever fills it up enough.

One if the best inventions ever. I love this. So easy to use and efficient. Hard to clean but it works great. Only cleaned my moms once and it wasn't fun. But I love how easy it is to make a cup of coffee or in my case, cocoa. And there are so many varieties of cups out there. It's so much easier than buying bagged coffee because you can get a variety for dame price.

I actually received this as a gift from a dear friend and really enjoy it. I love how easy and fast it makes my coffee and how everything seems to taste great out of it. I also really enjoy that I can never make too much or too little. The one problem I have with this product is that we have to descale it quite often. I realize that this may be from where we live and the kind of minerals that are in our tap but I don't think that we should have to descale every month for a couple hours of the day. I would recommend a Keurig to absolutely anybody.

I had purchase this for my husband. He loves this machine and so do I. This works perfect for us and very easy to use. Your allow to make your tea or coffee as strong as you like it and as hot. Plus, you can make as many different kinds of drinks in one machine. It nice to be able to offer your guests a variety of different coffees and teas. Instead of just plain coffee and tea!

I've had mine for about a year and love it! Makes morning coffee so quick and easy!

I've given up on my Keurig. The coffee comes out very weak. First I thought I was just using a bad batch of cups, but I tried other varieties and it all tasted watered down, with no flavor. Then, i tried cleaning my machine and still no good. I give up. Back to my old school coffee maker.

my friend has this and wow i love it i dont have one but she was the one told me about one

Love it! I first bought the Keurig because I was the only one in my house that drank coffee. It makes such an awesome cup of joe that now my husband drinks coffee daily too! I love it! No more cleaning up coffee grounds and it's very fast! I also love having hot water in such a short amount of time, it's very convenient for brewing tea!

me and my sisters got our mother one for her birthday. Funny story is right before her birthday we were watching tv and a commercial came on and she said she would never use one and they are silly. D** IT i thought! She is use the old fashion way on a percolator. Boy did we prove her wrong we got some french vanilla cap and hot chocolate and even the refillable k-cups along with tea and everytime i go over there she is using it along with my older sister (who lives with my parents) its so easy to use the kids use it to make hot chocolate and tea. I have been kindly reminding my mother i could use one for my birthday

The best and easiest way to make a cup of coffee. There is virtually no cleanup involved. There are so many flavors and types of coffee to choose from. I like that there is a filter for regular coffee as well so you can use normal coffee and not k-cups all of the time.

So I waited 2 years to get my Keurig and I'm thankful that I did. I absolutely LOVE it! It's a quick way to make a cup of coffee, tea or even just a cup of hot water to warm something up. I've told everyone I know about the Keurig and I recommend it to ALL that love coffee. I love the different flavors of coffee and tea that are out there! I have ONE downfall to this wonderful product....the coffee's cost a bit, but other then that its GREAT!

I love my Keurig. I just wish when they tell you about "cleaning" they would tell you about cleaning the piece "inside and behind" the top needle. I had used the hot chocolate k-cups on not one but two machines and had both of them fail. The first one I replaced (and probably didn't have to) when the second one failed (just wouldn't brew although it said it was brewing) I called Keurig and spoke to a very nice lady. She had me unplug my machine, get a jumbo paper clip (yes paper clip) that I opened and inserted into each of 3 tiny "holes" around the top needle plunger and "wiggled" it around as deeply as I could. This actually opened the water spouts inside the top and allowed my machine to work again. Although I've not used the hot chocolate k-cups or anything like those again, I still have to use the "paper clip trick" every couple of months, when I flush out the system with the vinegar. It is time consuming and you can get stuck by the needle/plunger so you have to be extra careful, it is worth keeping my Keurig in working condition. I just wish they would 1) told us about this trick so maybe I wouldn't have had to spend $$$ to replace my first one and 2) made it easier to get to those tiny holes (I've hurt myself more times than not trying to open/keep them open) for cleaning.

I LOVE my Kuerig! I love being able to decide which flavor to drink each morning, love having the perfect cup everytime, love that all family members are able to also have the perfect cup. LOVE