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  • AleeCassan By  AleeCassan    

    I had a hard time with nursing (my daughter just wouldn't latch on) so I bought this and it worked out really great! I used it plugged in and I also bought and evenflo hand pump for car rides (I figured I'd save more in the long run than constantly buying batteries). I trust this brand and had good experiences with their products.

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  • Chele13 By  Chele13    

    I needed an economical breast pump to use after i returned to work and spent hours researching which to get. I of course saw all the high end HIGH COST ones but after reading lots of reviews i decided on this one. I am very pleased with my purchase. It can be used with battery power or being plugged in, it works "better" when plugged in as the batteries get drained kinda quick when working off just batteries but i use it twice a day and haven't changed the batteries in over three weeks it just seems more efficient when plugged in. The noise is a lil loud, i can't hear the TV when i am pumping unless i really elevate teh volume BUT i can pump in hte restroom in my crowded office and noone knows i am pumping so thats a bonus. Good for use a few times a day but not if all you are doing is pumping and storing.....

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