Fisher Price Fisher-Price - Newborn Rock N' Play Sleeper

Fisher Price Fisher-Price - Newborn Rock N' Play Sleeper

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I had this or my son he loved it used it everything night then got to big for it

Best Gift Given! We were so sad the day our daughter became too big/smart to be in her rock n play. She was able to use her rock n play for naps and hanging out for a long time. We had the automatic rock n play which was such a lifesaver!

Great for GERD Our son had awful heartburn when he was an infant and the pediatrician recommended propping him up to sleep so that the stomach acid would stay down. He hated the expensive crib wedge and his screaming from lack of sleep was almost as bad as the screaming from the GERD. I read online stories of other parents suffering from similar issues who recommended the Rock N Play Sleeper, so I bought one of these with the automatic rocker. My baby loved this thing and slept in it until he outgrew GERD.

My daughter loves this rocker and slept in until she was five months old. She has reflux, and this has helped her be able to sleep and be more comfortable at night. I put some blankets underneath the cover because the plastic thing beneath the cover seemed a little hard and I have heard some babies developed a flat spot from the rock and play. We haven't had any problems with flat spots. We used this way more than our bassinet and it is small enough to put right by the bed. I also like that we can easily take it with us if we are traveling and move it throughout the house. She still can fit in it at six months old but she now sleeps in the crib.

Rock n'Play This sleeper/rocker is a lifesaver especially for the first couple of months with baby. It's lightweight, easily transferable and vibrates just enough to keep the baby calm and asleep. It was also perfect for traveling the first few months.

This was a lifesaver. Our rock n play was a lifesaver for us. Our son was born premature and was very very small when he brought him home. He had issues with choking when he was flat on his back so we needed to incline him somehow and that is when we purchased our Rock N Play. He absolutely loved it and I could finally relax and not have to worry about him choking out of the blue for no apparent reason. We still have his Rock N Play as I am not able to part with it.

Lifesaver This was a lifesaver for my newborn! He had reflux and could only sleep at a slight elevation and this sleeper was perfect!

We loved our rock and play sleeper. There were many nights that the rock and play was the only thing that would soothe my son and allow us a little bit of rest at night.

Great purchase This was an amazing purchase we had made with our first child. During nights where she was sick or teething was bad the rock n play was the only thing she would sleep in. It was small enough to squeeze between her crib and our bed at the time.

Amazing If your a new mom you need this in your life, my baby would only sleep in my arms her first weeks and I literally couldn't do anything ever, until my sister gave me one of these! She loves the vibrations and the rocking, if u have one of those Babies u need this.

A definite must have! This thing was a lifesaver for us! My daughter had acid reflux and would spit up alot so it gave me peace of mind knowing she was not laying flat on her back to choke on her spit up. It is the perfect thing for newborns! You can swaddle them up and I think the higher sides make them feel more secure, opposed to being in a crib with all that unnecessary space. And it is nice and lightweight and easy to move from room to room if needed or even if you're going on a trip it folds up so you can take it with! I love that it rocks! I would just put mine right next to my bed and if she started fussing I would just rock it and she'd go right back to sleep! Not to mention the vibration setting which also helped soothe her! It was great until she learned to roll over and would not sleep in it anymore no matter what I tried! That was at around 3 months though so we got alot of use out of it! I would definitely recommend to anyone expecting a child! You won't be disappointed!

These rock & plays are an absolute life saver. They are lightweight, easy to transport and the infants love them. They rock!

This is one of my absolute favorite baby products! I bought one on a whim without really knowing much about it, just read all the raving reviews! This was so much better to use than a bassinet because it is cozier and makes the baby feel more swaddled. It also puts the baby at an incline so is great for acid reflux. I will use this for all my future kids as well!

We loved our Rock and Play! It is incredibly easy to fold up and take with you, which was invaluable for travel with a newborn. It's great to have it next to you in bed to turn over and gently rock if baby stirs. I love the mesh sides - took away some of that new mommy worry about suffocation during the night. I also liked that it was so light I could move it from room to room easily for naps, or even if I just needed to set baby in it while I went to the bathroom. I could take baby with me! It was a little easy for my toddler to rock my newborn too hard and almost tip it backwards, so it might be nice of the little stoppers on the bottom were taller and more effective. I ended up just keeping my toddler away, but it was a challenge as she desperately wanted to rock baby brother. Still, love it and would recommend!

This is amazing! My baby takes naps in this. I highly recommend this!