Evenflo Walk Through Baby Gate

Evenflo Walk Through Baby Gate

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I do not own one of these the price is really high. But friends of mine have one and they are extremely nice looking. And easy to use.

I one 4 different baby gates this one is by far my favorite , so easy to use even 1 handed

After reading hundreds of reviews (literally) on the best gates to get to keep our toddler safe we settled on this gate. I will admit, I'm not handy at all but my husband had very little problems assembling this gate. It's versatile that you can have it open from either side so that it will fit your needs. It swings open easily (even after 2 years) and closes easily too. My daughter has been pretty rough on it and it's still going strong! My mother is elderly so it was also essential that it was easy enough for her to open the gate also. Overall, we are very satisfied with this gate. It's cost effective and sturdy!

I have tried many baby gates and my 2 year old still managed to knock them down or get through them. I didn't want to pay more but you get what you pay for so I bought this at my local walmart and so far so good my 2 year old can not open it or knock it down very happy!

Ok but not great. It keeps the kids out but also keeps me out since it's so hard to open. I wouldn't buy another one.

This gate is easy to apply to a doorway but at times i find that it pops out if we slam the gate too hard. It is very difficult to open. You really have to push the button in and then press down and trying to do that with one hand is a chore! When we have company I have to give a tutorial on how to get through it. The gate does keep the girls out of the kitchen. I think if they would fix the way the gate opens it would be great. The price was reasonable and this gate is found in most stores.

I gave 3 stars because it dies what its suppose to keep a baby out plus it has a little area where green means its locked red means its not. The one thing i hate is how hard it is yo open. I have to put my kids down so i can use 2 hands to squeeze and then push down to unlock its too much to do even for me!