USA Psych

USA Psych

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Addicted I stumbled across this series on Netflix and I have to say that I was addicted. I watched the entire series in less than a month. Great show, I really enjoy that you do not really have to watch every episode to enjoy. The story line is great and each episode has a different case.

Funny, exciting, and just good entertainment. Keeps you on your toes while making you laugh, I watch this show when I need something to help boost my mood.

This is one of my favorite shows. It has corny scenes to it but I think that is what makes it all that more funny. The mysteries and cases are great to follow along with, and the relationships that are made in this series are heartwarming.

The comedy writing is trying too hard, cheesy cheap jokes make it a little hard for me to watch. The mysteries are fun to follow, so if I'm in a cheesy mood and it's on TV I might watch it, but I never seek it out.

I watched this show when it first started. I absolutely loved it. I looked forward to it every week. Then, for some reason, I stopped watching it. Not sure why because it was one of my favorites. I am now watching it on dvd.

Best show of all times. I have watched all the seasons multiple times. I love the quick whit and the friendship between Shawn and Gus.

Love this show. Shawn and Gus are ridiculously funny.

supper funny

"I know you know that I'm not telling the truth." Actually, I am. This is a funny show. Great chemistry between the very talented actors who genuinely seem to be having fun. Solid story lines. The musical episode was AWESOME. While some might consider Psych to be a poor-man's Mentalist, but it simply has its own wacky spin on the fake psychic con. Smart, funny, and occasionally endearing. An excellent program.

I love love loooooooooooooooooove this show. I first saw it on NBC then it got moved to USA network and I was not aware at first but when I found it again I was so happy. I just love this show and every single character. Also the fact that the main characters like each other off set too makes it that much better for me. I'm waiting on the new season to begin this month and in December the Psych musical! Shawn Spencer is the best fake psychic that ever lived!

This is a great funny show. It really takes your mind off things and makes you laugh.

This is my top favorite show. They tend to have a lot of 80's references in their jokes, so I can relate. It makes this show even more appealing. They have a pineapple in every episode and it is very fun to try and spot it. You need to give this show a try. You to will fall in love with Shaun and Gus.

This is definitely in my top 3 favorite shows. The dynamic between all of the characters is amazing, especially between Shawn and Gus. All of the scenarios are unique and the amount of murders that happen in this show don't get boring because the writers are so creative. Amazing!

This show is so funny. I've been watching for years. Love it.

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THIS SHOW!!!!! need i say more?!?